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gallbladder inflammation

i was wondering if there's a link between gallbladder inflammation and endo? i know that the link could be allergies to food and pharmas, as allergies are common with endo (wheat esp) but am having incredible pain and scan has shown inflammed gallbladder.

i'm allergic to dairy and anti-inflams (typical). i *rarely* eat wheat or gluten and am not overweight. any ideas?

has anyone had the same problem?

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Hi chickpea , I recently had surgery , I saw the consultant after the op and he told me my gallbladder and liver were clear , I didn't ask him anything further about this , despite asking many other questions, I assume endo could well have been on these organs , hope this helps , have you been to your doctor ,? Ans are you having further tests re your gall bladder



I had gallbladder problems before I was diagnosed with endo. I had the gb removed 15 years ago and suffered with endless problems, 8 ERCP's later I was diagnosed with spinctre of Oddi Spasm (which caused me alot of pain). As the SOD pain started to ease I became very ill again and was diagnosed with endo.

To cut a long story short, I personally think the key to all this is oestrogen. Oestrogen causes triglycerides, which in turn cause gall stone, endo is fed by oestrogen and I also suffered liver cholestasis in both my pregnancies and this is caused by too much oestrogen in the liver.

This is just my personal opinion, but if you have gall stones I would seriously think twicw about having it removed. There is a group on Facebook, in which people join who have suffered SOD after gallbladder removal. Everyone is different , but I wish I had known more about it beforehand xx


This has really opened my eyes. I to have endo, in both pregnancies I've had bad obstetric cholostasis so was induced at 37 weeks. Last night and all day today I've had horrific pain in my side. And I'm currently on good old Google and stumbled across this. Certainly is arou d my gallblader area so will see my gp tomorrow


ooh, thank you. I son't have any stones though. they're treating me for an infection (unlikely as i've had the pain since xmas) and if the antibiotics don't work the doc thinks it may be a disease.

of course, the oestrogen link! forgotten about that. Endo also produces its own.

tbh i had thought that GB removal would be for the best, the ain is intolerable at times.

I'm becoming allergic to lots of things in recent years... i'm wondering if its connected??


Can I add to this good subject and maybe you guys can help me. In the near future I will be having my navel removed by general surgery because endo has "found" a home in my navel. When I'm on my period my navel swells and bleed as well. Anyway Around the time of my last cycle which was last week I was having signs and symptoms that I may have gall bladder problems. The surgeon wanted to be "sure" about my gall bladder so I got an ultrasound done. I don't know the results yet but I'm wondering if endo has played a role in this. Because it's either two things 1) I do have gall bladder problems and it's going to get removed in surgery too along with my navel or 2) There is nothing wrong with my gall bladder and it could be that endo found a "home" on my gall bladder and it was just during my cycle the endo started acting up on my it. I did tell the dr. and it's in my records that I have endo as well.


Hi Chickpea , of course I had forgotten about the oestrogen link as well , this may well be the problem , have you thought about going on the endo diet , oestrogen is fed , by many of the things we eat , and can be made worse . check out some of the books re endo diet , no dairy no wheat , sounds drastic but may well help you a lot , I bought endometriosis a key to healing and fertility through nutrition Dian Shepperson and Michael Vernon , it's very good and comprehensive , I got mine on line from Amazon

Hope this helps



i've been on the endo diet for nearly two years now. i agree, it's a very good book. I was always allergic to dairy and wheat and have been a vegetarian for *ahem* decades, so it was quite easy for me. although giving up soy has been difficult.

I even filter my water and only use natural, organic products. I suppose the gallbladder was just waiting to cause trouble :(


Yep, I have endo and just had an inflamed gallbladder taken out. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were related.

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