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Hi ive been suffering with hip pain during and around my period for years, starts about 1 week before and usually lasts up to 5 days after. standing, hurts sitting hurts i feel like an old woman,

I finaly went to the docs yesterday.

I dont know what to think I took the health questionaire that you can print out from the main site. filled it in described my pain and how it is affecting me. Doctor ruled out that its not a hip problem and that its due to my periods but not actually given a diagnoses I was given the options of the coil and pain medication decided against pain meds as ibruphen ect not working at home and do not want to be relliant on painkillers. have gone for the option of a coil.

with no diagnosses i dont know what to think ive gotta wait 5 weeks for fitting of the coil.

Doc seems to think coil will help. me im apprehansive and feel nothing has been answered

Any advice, tips ect would be greatly appreciated

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If your dic feels its a period related problem I would ask for a referral to a gyna. A coil may manage your pain but you really need to know the cause not mask the problem xxx I to get chronic hip pain and have endometriosis x


Sorry that should say doc lol


hi wendy,

I too suffer with hip pain and have done on and off for years. Unfortunately a lot of symptoms can be associated with endo! There are people I know that have tried the coil and swear by it and others who it didn't suit. It's a case of trial and error I'm affraid, if it works then great problem solved for you but if after a reasonable time you have not luck, then atleast you can confidently comfort your doctor again. Hip pain is horrible and I too some days feel like an old woman, It's not at all nice! I really do hope the coil works for you and best of luck x


sorry Wendy confront not comfort! blimin predictive texts!


thankyou for your replies. i have got to wait 5 weeks for it to be put in as it was first availible appointment good job i do not want it for contraception!!

so going to have to go through another lot of hip pain when my time comes again. i feel i need to go back to the doctors before i have it fitted as natbeth said if it is period related then i want a referal and to know why i dont have much faith that the coil is gonna just stop it all surely all it will do is control my bleeding.


Hi Wendy, I have the coil fitted I am also on pervera now. The coil worked for me for eight months and it was the best relief I've had except operations. I am now waiting for a hysterectomy. I agree you should ask to see a gyna so you know what you are dealing with. Good luck with the coil I hope it works.


Hi wendy, i have had hip pain on and off since years. when i had the coil fitted it seemed to reduced the pain level fairly well for 1 year then the pain came back. as Billieb said try it and if it works then its all good but if you are still worried ask for a referral now there might be some waiting time too.

Hope this works let us know.


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