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Hi all, I had my lap 3 months ago now and have had coil in for 2 months. Apart from mood swings I havent been to bad until about 10 minutes ago. I am in so much pain that I cant move, coughing just now made me want to cry and I feel like i am going to be sick because it hurts so bad. It is a period like pain only a lot worse and is spreading to hips and back.

Oh and I am currently sitting at work so do not know what to do.

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Oh gosh, that sounds awful! If I were you, I'd talk to your boss or ask if someone could get them for you and ask to go home. Explain to them what is happening and they usually are quite understanding. If they aren't then say you're going to have to leave as you cannot handle it. In those situations, I usually have to call an ambulance. If you have to then let your boss see you do it or let them do it for you. If you do go to hospital then they won't do anything for you as such, a few tests and stuff, but I go so I can get painkillers good enough to get rid of it. Hope this helps and you get sorted soon :)


How are you feeling now? Has the pain subsided any? Did you manage to last at work or did you have to go home? Hope you are feeling better and if you havent had to go to hospital or see your doctor I would make an appointment to see them next week to discuss your symptoms. Take care X


Sudden fierce attacks of pain like that tend to be from a burst cyst. This is one for A&E to get strong enough pain relief. It is a paralysing pain, and you shouldn't and probably cannot drive yourslf to hosp, so you do need to get someone to get you there..even an ambulance if necessary.

It will subside pain wise in the coming hours, but it may take several days to be pain free.

It is not at all nice to go through, hugs to you.


How are you feeling today Ria? Hope you're s but better and were able to get some pain relief x


Hi Ria

Another one hoping you left your workplace and sought immediate medical treatment?

The pain you describe is not 'normal' Mirena pain as that would tend to be more of a constant niggle rather than the sudden burst of pain you describe whilst your body is getting used to it being in situ.

Hope you are recovering,and feel better soon. Update us if you can.

Caroline, x


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