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Operation date came through 😳

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Hi Ladies ,

I’m so nervous I have my operation booked for august to remove ovaries and have a mirena coil fitted I’m getting so scared about it, this is my second month on prostap and my moods are all over the place will it settled down after my op? X

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Congratulations on receiving an operation date. Hopefully more will start receiving appointments more promptly as the current wait is not ok. Best wishes

Thank you 😊 I did hear they are getting through the backlog which is brilliant I have been waiting 2 and half years for this operation x

Yes that is positive and hopefully the waiting time will continue to be reduced for others aswell. I hope your operation is successful ☺️

Hi good to hear you have your operation date. I had both my ovaries and tubes removed 8 weeks ago and was also meant to of had the mirena fitted but during the surgery it was found I now have cervical stenosis (my cervix is completely shut tight so nothing is going in there) I am 50 so it’s more likely age related. I am now on combined HRT patches and all is going well in fact it’s the best I felt in years. I had to have Zoladex injections last year to see if a surgical menopause would help me and yes the injections helped but they increased my migraines so my GP stopped the injections after 3 months but that was long enough to see if a menopause would help me. At least those injections can now stop for you and hopefully your body will sort itself out once the op has been done. All the best x

Thank you for your reply and glad to hear the recovery and HRT is going well, sorry that they couldn’t do a mirena coil for you. Is the surgical menopause better than the chemical one I’m having a few side effects downstairs I thought it was thrush but apparently it’s to do with the changes in hormones 🙈. I have my fingers and toes crossed for the surgery as I can’t deal with the ovary pain x

Hi yes so far I would say yes the surgical menopause is better than the chemical one as when I was on that I had awful flushes and felt very moody so far I haven’t experienced any of that, I have had a couple of night sweats and only a few flushes but my mood is good. I have not experienced any issues as yet in the lady parts with either the chemical or now the surgical menopause. My main symptomthat has been very noticeable for me is that my deodorants aren’t working I am sweating a lot I don’t think there is any nasty odour as I am washing twice a day and applying fresh deodorant but struggling to stay dry. I can recommend a good book to you called surgical menopause you will find it on Amazon it’s a good read all about ladies different experiences. And like you I suffered with chronic ovulation pain mine used to last 12 days at a time and I even got it when I was on Depo Provera it’s a great feeling knowing I will never experience that again x

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