Laproscopy date through!!

Hi ladies so my long awaited letter arrived this morning with my operation date. I have waited so long but now I am so scared what if they don't find anything I will still have no answers so my symptoms. I'm kind of prepared for the operation as Iv waited so long but I'm already being told by family that I will recover in a couple of days I mean I no it isn't a major operation but from seeing posts on here I don't think it will be a couple of days. I'm worried I will be pressured into recovering faster than I should and suffering in the long run. Xx

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  • Congratulations on getting a date. Keep in mind that whether they will find anything or not is beyond your control. Right now the best thing to do is to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, as best as you can, for the surgery. Best of luck !! xx

  • Thanks for the replies ladies, my mother in law had a laproscopy a few years ago and is saying she went back work after 2 days and is expecting the same with me she keeps saying that I won't need looking after and it won't take more than a day to recover and be in pain. I'm so fed up with her comments it's making me really worry about my recovery process. X

  • Omg my boyfriends mother is exactly the same!

    I had a total left hip replacement at 19 and 2 weeks after that she was pushing me into work!

    I've learnt to ignore then shit people say to you, you know your own body and you do what u gotta do! don't let anyone tell you how you feel! only you will know that!

    Good luck hunni!

    I too was worried about them not finding anything but they did, I was diagnosed with moderate endometriosis in February last year, xx

  • Hi. I waited ten months for my letter and I felt exactly like you once I had my date. I was worried that they wouldn't find anything and people would think I was making it all up however, they did find endometriosis and I was signed off work for two weeks. It's going to depends on what they find and what they do as to how long it takes to recover. Everyone's different and some take longer than others. I was on strong painkillers for 5 days and just slept most of the time. Take as long as you need and try not to worry. Good luck! Xx

  • Hi Hun I was up cleaning and hoovering the next day as normal I didn't have any shoulder pain either or bloating don't let all the stuff in here scare you to death like it did me. I know everybody is different and recover different but just take it day by day. I was so scared when I went in for mine too that I was going to waste there time but all was good and they did find stuff. Please don't be scared xxx

  • i am going to get my date tomorrow .... i feel exactly the same as nothing has showed up on the scans just hat my uterus is titled very much forward and i have damage on my ovary and gyno doesn't think its endo yet i have all the symptoms and she doesn't have a very good knowledge on endo but also its not an endo special going in there so i know exactly how you feel ! but she wants to do lap to be sure but she said endo would show up on the scans but i know that isn't always true .. can i ask if you have had any scans ? and results? we are here for you x

  • MRI and ultra sound .. yeah but it wouldn't explain my hell of periods and bowel symptoms and the hole in my ovary and the bladder symptoms .. and endo is in my family .. but still im scared they won't find anything and im crazy

  • i had an MRI too x

  • I've heard it doesn't show up on MRI unless it has infiltrated an organ .. i have my appointment tomorrow with gyno and im so nervous that when the surgery does happy they'll find nothing ... thank you so much x

  • thank you! really .. xox

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