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Hospital Waiting Times!!!!!

I can't believe it, have been back to hospital where it was agreed to have surgery to remove the endo and have a hysterectomy at the same time. I signed the consent form and was told to now wait for an appointment.

I called the booking clerk and asked how long it would take before I got my appointment, she said I would get the appointment 6 weeks before the op and the current waiting time is 6 Months!!!! Oh my god. I went onto the Dr Foster website and put in my local hospital and the procedure and it said there is a 90 day waiting list, I think they put this to make it look like they are within the 18 weeks,

I suppose they don't think it is classed as an emergency. Only approx 10 more periods!!!!! xxx

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The 18 week rule counts the time from your GP refers you, to treatment taking place. It may take longer if this is part of a sequence of treatments as only the first one will have been counted. If, however, your GP re-referred you and this was your 1st appointment following this, your surgery date should be sooner.

There are lots of rules and caveats where 18 weeks applies, so it may still be true that your local trust is quoting 90 day waiting lists.

It may be worth talking to your Gynaecologist's secretary to see if you can be seen sooner - he/she should be able to talk to your Gynae directly.


Hi the waiting lists are long I waited 3 months just to see my gynaecologist even though I had not been signed off by him after my op last year. I am now waiting for a hysterectomy. last year after my op the ward was half closed so Im in for a long wait as the majority of patients are elderly. It is frustrating and I am suffering from depression as I spend more time on waiting lists than better. But people sitting behind desks are making cut backs without thinking of the patients mental or physical health.


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