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Endo and Bladder + Hospital Waiting Times

I was just after some personal experiences/advice.

I am awaiting my second laparoscopy where I will also be having a cystosopy.

I am regularly experiencing pain before and after having a wee.

I get the urge to go however when i try it is like everything knots inside me and my bladder just swells. Once i have finally been i just get pain radiating on my left side - always my left! Even when i haven't been for a wee i get the pain on my left. It isnt't the worst endo pain i've had but it is always there.

Could this be a sign its in my bladder?

I was put on the op waiting list back at the beginning of December. Phoned the hospital to chase however we were affected by the NHS overcrowding problem. I have been told that i could be waiting as long as May/June?! :(

Does anyone have any recommended home remedies they would recommend? I already have a healthy diet and exercise 4 times a week.


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Is this pain around that time of month or all the time? I have endo in my bowels and going to the loo is excruciating at that time of month but no pain whilst Im tri cycling my pill. May be a kidney issue? However Im no expert!


Hi, I've just been speaking to the admissions dept and they tell me there are no beds available and I'm now looking at may/June for my surgery. It's ridiculous to keep people waiting like this. Xx


Oh no! Sorry to hear that you have a lengthy wait too. How long have you been waiting? X


I don't have anything to suggest at all- But i just wanted to say Ive been having this EXACT problem and it's horrific. Ive been waiting for just a appointment with a urologist just for a consulation before i even get booked in for a cystoscopy for about 5 months now and it's pretty much hell and is dominating my life I'd just posted asking for any input and if anyone had experienced anything similar when I saw your post. It's just so awful that there's virtually nothing we can do. I hope you manage to get some help or something sorted- I really do, I'm so worried that endo might have spread to my bladder :(


So sorry to hear your experiencing the same but glad I'm not alone. I hope your appointment comes through soon and you finally get some answers xx


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