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Today is finally here!

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I can’t believe today is actually here, surgery day….Goodbye womb, ovaries and cervix!!

To say I am a little nervous is an understatement but a little excited to!! Roll on 12.00 😬

See you all on the other side!!

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Love and hugs with you Hun! Xxx

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Catd81 in reply to LouiseC83

Thank you so much! Xx

Good luck & hope it goes well for you xx

Thank you xx

All my best for the surgery! x

Hey hope it's gone OK... I had a complete hysterectomy yesterday including ovaries I never thought I'd be so relieved to get rid of it all hope your doing OK 👌

They cancelled me at 4.15pm. I’m absolutely devastated

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claudia_91Moderator in reply to Catd81

So sorry to hear this Catd81, that's absolutely gutting. Hope it can be rescheduled really soon. If you want to speak to someone during this tough time, we have a helpline run by endo patients. The current rota is here:

Sending you huge hugs, take care of yourself.

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LouiseC83 in reply to Catd81

What happened Hun? Why did they cancel? Xxx

So sorry to hear this xx

Oh no, that's devastating for you. Hope they get you in soon x

Oh Catd81, I'm so sorry. Wishing you all the very best xx

Oh no, I’m so sorry. That must be so hard to deal with when you’ve come so close to having it done. I hope it’s rescheduled very very soon.

This happened to me, all gowned up and then cancelled at 4pm. Was devastated as so much planning goes into it. I had mine a month after. I hope they sort it soon as it really affects you mentally. Awful x

Good luck.. hope it all goes well for you xx

Hope your ok and recovery goes well for you ❤

Hope they get you rebook asap

Hope it all went well and you make a swift recovery, it's such a relief isn't it? xx I have the same booked in for 12th Nov, also having everything whipped out. Here's to a new pain free life 🙌 I can't wait for life to begin again 😃

oh I have just seen the other replies, sorry this has happened. The mental preparation you do for this is huge so I know that must have been very tough. I hope it's only a short delay and you are back in soon xx

They cancelled as their 1st patient took ages to get into theatre as she was panicking so they went over the time. The surgeons were willing to stay on and do my surgery but the theatre staff wouldn’t. I’m hoping to be rescheduled soon! And just to kick me whilst I’m down Mother Nature has decided to make me start my period today so not only am I emotionally drained I’m in absolute agony! Thank you all for your kind words 💗 xx

Awful this has happened to you, you get yourself mentally prepared for operations & horrible that you were all ready to go too, sending you a hug x

Sorry to see your surgery was cancelled. Have you had your surgery now? I was booked in for 15th Nov but yesterday they called and moved it to the 18th. Literally can't come soon enough. Hope you are well x

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Catd81 in reply to Bikergal900

I’m back in on the 30th November and I’m first on the list so fingers crossed I should get sorted this time! Good luck for your surgery xx

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EndoSuckss in reply to Catd81

Glad to read you've been rescheduled! I hope it all goes really well for you! 😍

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Catd81 in reply to EndoSuckss

Thank you, 13 sleeps!! 😬

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