Finally diagnosed today

Hi everyone, I have finally been diagnosed with mild endometriosis today after my 3rd laparoscopy in a year and 6 years of pain & begging and pleading to various drs & gynes, I'm so,so relieved! They make you feel like it's all in your head. My question is What next? I had some adhesions removed today and have a follow up in 6 weeks, what can I expect?

Thanks xx

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  • so pleased for you, did they cut any endo out, what was stuck together,

    ive got my first lap on 21st and am defo more worried that they don't find anything,

    have the docs said anything about your future treatments,

    congrats on the diagnosis, good luck with you recovery, how are you feeling???

  • hiya yeah they did, they heat treated it because it quarterises (sp) it? there was some removed from my pelvic wall and some more from some ligaments? I feel ok, I'm really achy now. I think the trapped wind is worse than anything I'm knocking back peppermint tea! They haven't said anything more about treatment yet I guess that's to come when I go back. Good luck for the 21st xxxxx

  • Hi, I'm glad you've finally been given some help. Like you, I waited 6 years for help, and people made me feel like I was being overdramatic so, I really am pleased for you. After surgery i was put on combined contraceptive pill. Had to try a few before I found one that lessened my bleeding to a manageable rate. Good luck

  • I had my lap a year ago. I was symptom free for 4 months but my symptoms have steadily returned worse than before.

    I know you don't want to hear that but I feel it's better you are prepared as I was totally not after surgeon said unlikely it would return... I was a sucker for believing it wouldn't come back!

    If your symptoms start showing up again go straight and ask to be refered back. I'm having to argue just to see my gp right now and I've so far been off work 4 weeks...

    All the best of luck fingers crossed you get longer than 4 months!!

  • I'm under no illusions it won't come back, I'm just relieved there's a reason for all the pain, I was told by the surgeon there was only a 6% chance of him finding any endo as I only had a lap 1 yr previous, I was dreading coming round to be told to go back to my gp and be referred to a different hospital dept. it drives you mad having to kick and scream at gps to get anywhere especially when you have a history of the same thing, I hope you get your appointment soon xxx

  • did they remove any endo - are you seeing a endo specialist as they are the best people to cary out excision - I would of thought they would do as part of the lap ? xx

  • Yeah they removed it. I had a lap a year ago and was told everything was pristine! Not this time, its only mild endo but it still creates a huge amount of pain, I'm staying in bed today, all the anaesthetic has worn off I feel hideous! Got to wait for consultant follow up in 6 wks x

  • hopefully everything gone this time as it can grow back xx

  • Yeah I know, time will tell xxx

  • yes I hope it does xx

  • So your first lap didn't show anything at all? After being told they removed a small section of endo at my lap 1 yr ago, my doctor tells me the report actually says 'possible endometriosis', which is confusing! I've been starting to get the pains again the last month or two and want to try get a referral back to hosp, but worried they might say because the last lap was only 'possible' it's not worth doing another Etc

  • It's so confusing, my 1st lap was negative, my 2nd lap I had endo diagnosed and removed. Then 4 weeks after the pathology report came back on the biopsy taken from the endo and it came back negative again! My surgeon said to my consultant he definitely removed endo so that's what theyre treating me for. My new gyne is an endo specialist so my answers should be much clearer soon xx

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