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Severe lower back pain

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I’m so sick of this pain and my parents shouting at me and acting all disappointed in me because I can’t practice golf and stuff.

Today I had to leave practice after 15 minutes because my lower back was burning so badly and it’s gone into my hips. My dad isn’t talking to me now and is all disappointed In me. He keeps making comments about how I’m weak and putting on an act so I don’t have to practice.

All this pain is affecting me physically, emotionally and mentally.The lower back pain and hip is 24/7 but certain things like exercise and golf or even doing chores makes it worse. Lower stomach pain is constant too

Does anyone know what’s causes the dull ache and the burning sensation in my lower back and hips. I’m honestly struggling so much. Like is something pressing on a nerve or inflammation?

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I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this.I get awful burning in my lower back and hips/thighs and when I had my laparoscopy I had widespread stage 2 endo. Amongst other places it was found in my Pouch of Douglas behind the uterus which I feel explains my back pain, and on my uterosacral ligaments and broad ligament which I’ve read can send the pain down into thighs.

I haven’t found much that helps with the burning pain but now take Codeine and Diclofenac.xx

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princessk09 in reply to helen87

It’s the worse feeling ever and makes me want to cry. I’m basically going through all this on my own.

Is back pain a sign it could be in my pouch of Douglas? What other signs are there

Sorry that your family aren’t being very understanding, do you have any information leaflets etc you could give them to show them how serious of a condition it is? I struggle with exercise too and sometimes it can make the pain worse!

My parents aren’t the most supportive people when it comes to health etc. They never listen to me or understand so I’ve just given up telling them and stuff.

I can’t even sit down without being in pain and the burning feeling comes back

Can you get your consultant to speak to them? It’s a shame because endo isn’t as we’ll known as it should be to say how common it is, people just don’t understand. Is there anyone else you can turn to?

My boyfriend but I don’t tell him much so he doesn’t worry as he lives far away. I’ve got an appointment with the doctor tonight but the receptionist said I might need to go walking in centre because of the burning sensation in my back

Might be worth getting your urine checked as well incase you have an infection x

I haven’t got any pain when going for wee x

I never did though but would always show blood in urine. Just might be worth ruling out x

Yeah I’ve had this back for about 2 years but it’s getting worse now to the point I can’t sit down without being in pain.

I’ll see what the doctor says tonight xx

Do you have any close friends that could go with you for support. Let us know how it goes x

I have cysts in my ovaries which is causing the constant pain in my lower stomach. And I have inflammation in my lower back on the left side but he doesn’t know what the cause is and if it’s related to endo xx

Hey, sorry to hear your parents are still treating you like this. You need support not nasty unhelpful comments. Hopefully in time they'll realise how wrong they've been.

I've had lower back pain for years and just came to accept it. I was then in a car accident and started seeing an osteopath last year. She quickly picked up on something odd going on with my lower back. She also said there was a lot of inflammation in my diaphragm (could it have been endo?) It definitely makes it worse before it gets better but after 6 weeks of treatment I was completely pain free from lower back pain! She also suggested taking a range of supplements to help support my immune system and i still take them now. Other than endo problems I rarely ever get ill anymore. I stopped seeing her and now the pain has come back ☹️ I can't see her as regularly as I used to but I'm making an appointment as soon as I've recovered from my lap.


Can I ask what supplements you take? Going to find an osteopath I think. I definitely get severe back pain some days I am in tears with it going right through to my front. Xx

The supplements my osteo suggested were: Liposomol Vitamin C gel (it's expensive so I don't take it daily anymore), turmeric powder tablets, apple cider vinegar with "the mother" (diluted in grape juice), a powerful probiotic (30 million CFU's) from Healthy Origins and she also said to take vitamin D tablets in the winter months. I used to get ill all the time even in summer I would get colds and throats infections, maybe it's a coincidence but I only got sick once last year and that was with the aussie flu that was going around.

I know it doesn't work for everyone but I had 25 physio sessions before I saw an osteopath and it felt like it was making the pain worse and then after only 6 sessions with an osteopath I was mostly pain free it's crazy.


I’m suffering with back pain today so I can totally empathise. Sounds like you’re getting very little in the way of friendly support and understanding. How utterly awful. God bless.

I get the back pain, and a massive pregnancy pillow really helps, everyone thinks I’m insane sleeping with my pregnancy pillow but trust me, it helps😂

but is it worth seeing a sports massage therapist person? Because you play golf, because of the (excuse the shocking terminology) when in the movies they go ‘FORE’ you swing and hit the ball with the club(?) could the motion of moving your body and bending, if it was a trapped nerve, be aggravating the pain? Might be worth ruling out sports injury and save yourself more damage in the long term if it were X

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princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

Because I don’t have a job, it’s hard for me atm as my parents have refused to pay for physiotherapy sessions now since they are paying £5000+ for their new teeth.

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cmbxm in reply to princessk09

If you go to your doctor they should be able to offer you physio for free, and advise if it actually is sports related or is another symptom of your endo x

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princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

He thinks it’s sport related and I don’t like the nhs physio, I’ve been before.

I’m seeing another gynae on the 23rd March who will hopefully let me have a lap xx

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cmbxm in reply to princessk09

Yeah nhs physio is a bit crap😂 Fingers crossed they let you have the lap! You can’t keep going on the way you are! Xx

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princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

Yeah hopefully it’s a good gynae who specialises in endo xx

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Lulububs in reply to cmbxm

That what i was thinking! Swinging is not a natural movement , ive played gold a few times with friend who is serious about it and the next day i couldnt move!! I am quite fit or so i thought but it was the constant twisting pelvis it inflammed all me stomach and lower back

Hi, I am new this, but I just wanted to let you know that I know exactly what you’re going through. I have battled for the best part of 4 years with a similar kind of thing. I felt like it was all in my head. Until I had a Laporoscopy 3 weeks ago that showed stage 4, widespread endo, cyst etc... I have agonising pain every minute of every day. I thought it was my back too. I’ve been through all kinds of tests. It sounds like your on the right track and I’m glad to hear you’re seeing a gyn Consultant. I really hope you get some answers.

I think once you know what is causing the pain your parents will understand. Parents tend to push their kids to try to get the best out of them. Its a way of showing that they care, but I know it doesn’t always feel that way when your suffering. Hang on in there. You’re not alone. It’s a tough one, and sometimes hard for people to understand. Stay strong and keep chatting. We all understand on here. Big hugs.

I’m so nervous to have a laparoscopy as I’ve never had surgery or been put to sleep. I hate the thought of not being in control and having to trust other people with my life whilst I’m unaware.

Thank you so much for your message 💕

It’s ok. You’re bound to be nervous, but it’s fine honestly. You just go to sleep and when you wake up it’ll all be done and you’ll know if everything is ok or if there is something you need some help with. It’s the only way to find out what’s going on down there, so it’s worth having done. Although, I would still try the physio. Who know it’s could be back related and the physio might do the trick. That way you won’t need to have the lapo.

I am a big believer in trying everything you can first. I had to try everything as I had no support. I tried acupuncture, supplements, changing diet to help with inflammation...everything! It’s a bit of a process of elimination really. Unfortunately for me it took a long time and a lot of heartache to get a diagnosis, but it sounds like your Consultant is listening to you (which is a good thing). Fingers crossed some physio will help. I think you will know after a few weeks if it’s back related. My physio and acupuncture didn’t touch it, so I knew it was something else. Try and stay positive. You’re doing the right thing and are on the right track. A bit of physio won’t do you any harm and who knows, it may be the answer. If not, you’re still seeing the gyn consultant. So you’re doing the right thing. It sometimes doesn’t feel like it, but you will get there!

Yeah massage hasn’t helped the pain or stretches hasn’t either. So I’ll have to have the lap anyways to make sure there isn’t any endo or damage

Only problem is I can only afford one physio session a month so I probably won’t see much of a difference for a while

I know what you mean. Physio is very expensive. You’re doing the right thing having the lapo. It’s best to check things out properly, so you can eliminate it if you get the all clear. The consultant will give you leaflets and information on the Lapo procedure that you can give to your parents. That way you can let them know what’s going on, and they can give you the support you need.

Yeah, I’ve just my letter for a consultation but I don’t know if the gynae specialising in endometriosis. I can’t find any info online about him


Have u had a laparoscopy to see if it is endo?

It could b that as u are a golf player u do have a bad back?

My friend plays and she always got back ache and when she saw a physio they said it very common in golfers as the weird twisting the pelvis and for a women it not a natural move as our pelvis moves more so we can give birth.

So u mayb inflammed in ur actual lower back,mayb go see a physio

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princessk09 in reply to Lulububs

I have an appointment with a gynae on the 23rd March who will then hopefully refer me for a laparoscopy.

My doctor said the back pain was due to golf as I’ve play every day and the inflammation in my muscles hit a nerve. I still have a dull ache everyday but I’m not sure if it could be both golf and endo. As during my period, the back and stomach pain is excruciating to the point I’m curled in a ball crying in bed. And hurts to go toilet during my period

The pains in my stomach are due to ovaries cysts and there’s swelling around my pubic bone area. He said they are probably growing and some might just be bursting which causes the sharp pain as long as I’m not vomiting etc it’s okay.

I’m gonna go see a new physio that’s just opened in my area.

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Lulububs in reply to princessk09

Yes i would as to play golf ur punishing ur back, people think it a low impact sport but most golfers suffer as the swing is not a natural body move ur swinging from ur pelvis... which inflames it.

Then when u have period ur just inflaming same area.

If u see a good physio she should b able to help u both with back, pelvis and period, if u can get it all aligned and the pain down in that area it should help period.

Why have they done nothing about ur cysts? I have cysts , i get them alot they do just burst and go ive never had to have anything done.

Mayb u have pelvic floor pain thats inflammed by golf? Hence the pain when u go to toilet!

It would b good for u to see a physio mayb a woman health one( that what i see).

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princessk09 in reply to Lulububs

The endo specialist knew I play golf but still suspects endo due to the symptoms I have. Like problems with bladder. Even after a month off playing golf, I still had severe back pain and went to a physio then.

I have painful cramps and painful sex as well so that’s probably why he suspects endo. I don’t know why nothing is being done for my cysts but an ultrasound last July said nothing was there so they just keep referring to that.

The specialist felt pain in 3 areas around my stomach, mostly in my ovaries though

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Lulububs in reply to princessk09

Yeh i get painful sex to and periods are awful, im actually not working( lucky i can work from home) today as i have period pains..

I had lap last year found absolutely nothing! Was told unfortunately some women just suffer and thats it!! Nice....

I been put on tranexamic acid which has helped and i have strong painkiller and naproxen i basically just take it all just to get through.

I do see a Womans health physio to as i know there is something not right down there coz the sex pain, found out i have pelvic floor tightness (. Due to being gymnast when was young , always had tight stomach muscles) it has helped alot .. with pain down there in general even periods got better.

I hope u dont have endo i hope it something that can b helped or healed, endo awful thing to have.

Have u got strong painkillers and stuff from ur dr to treat ur pain when on period??

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princessk09 in reply to Lulububs

I’ve tried so many strong painkillers and nothing helps at all. Heat pads, hot baths etc all don’t help. Contraceptive pills don’t help much as I suffer bad side effects so refuse to touch them now.

I’ve had to work around it all when entering tournaments as last year I had to withdraw from a few after travelling like 5 hours due to period pains.

Worse part is I’m due on around Valentine’s Day haha so hopefully my bf doesn’t visit

Periods just awful!

If u have a after life i hope i come back as a man!!!!

Hi, after numerous failed sessions with Chiro etc I decided to look into self correcting my sacroiliac joint which has given me that coxics centre burning pain for a very ling time that can shoot to the leg and either buttock. My sacroiliac tends to veer off to one side and is majority pain left sides so I do the correction exercises by "Bob and Brad the best physiotherapists on the internet" via YouTube, they are cheesy but great. I do the lie on the bed and let the sore side edge off the bed and balance by dropping the leg off the bed exercise and the stand on the small stool or chair one, I do general stretches daily and work on my core.

It keeps this pain off me considerably.

I have read above and didn't even realise endometriosis coukd spread into ligaments and I could also have it in my sacroiliac joint as the ligaments aroynd this area (pelivice) are huge..really huge.

Please try to help yourself with exercises.

These have saved me from a sedentary life of misery. I'm young and an avid exercise enthusiast but had been practically bed ridden for a few months before deciding Chiropracters were taking my money, doing nothing for me and I could just get stuck in and correct my own misallignmemts with simple exercises.

Glucosamine Sulphate and Multivitamins work well for me too as supps.

Best wishes

Helly. X

I get lower back pain recently and it is related to the hips and thanksfully I’m waiting to hear on the report if you are having issues with hips and walking it will put pressure onto your lower back.

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