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Energy sucker 😔

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Even though on pill for so long from last 15 days getting periods cloting . Back pain

I am expecting my lap on 10 November.

Can anyone guide me what should i take with me on the day of lap.

Thank all

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Hi Sara110

Good to hear that your laparoscopy is scheduled for next month. We have a great information sheet on our website that outlines what to expect before, during and after your surgery. You can find it at

Best of luck and there's lots more information on our website, including the services that we offer, that can help to support you.

I had my lap 2 weeks ago. They give you lots of strong painkillers, I would definitely recommend lots of peppermint tea for the bloat you will get as it can be quite uncomfortable. Comfy pyjamas/bottoms with a loose waist band for when you leave hospital, and laxatives/stool softener for afterwards as anaesthetic can cause some blockage and pushing when on the toilet will be really painful the first few times you go. Remember to keep hydrated and have some little light snacks for when you’re home as you probably won’t feel like eating. Good luck! X

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Sara110 in reply to Oliviakbg

Thank you for all the information I hope you are feeling better after a lap.

How long you took of from work?

A 2 week sick note is standard I believe. The nurse said I can call my GP if I need more time off. I called my GP this week to get a week extension as I still can’t sit at a chair for longer than 10 mins. Just take it a week at a time and see how you feel, it might take 2 weeks before you feel ready or it might take 6 weeks, everyone is different.

Heah thats right. I have a physical job i am more concerned about it . But at the same time i am confused to take sick pay on sick note lol

Don’t worry about it, it’s genuine and you need to give yourself enough time to recover or it could put you out longer if you go back too early. Take the time you need. As long as you have the sick note your company can’t touch you

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