When is this sick feeling going to go away?

I had my lap 12 days ago. I'm due back to work in 3 days but I feel so sick! I know I have low blood pressure and that's what is making me dizzy but I didn't expect the nausea to last this long. I've got a smell of ammonia in my nostrils whenever I lean forward and I've started (over the weekend) getting new (since my lap) abdominal pain. Is this normal? This is my first lap so I don't know what to expect. Any advice would be good.

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I have got Domperidone tablets (anti sickness from gp ) they are good, pain could be because of what you have had done, don't forget that you have been lasered or cut inside so you will have a fair bit of discomfort. Maybe ask for gp to sign you off gorgeous another week. Oh and drink some peppermint tea x

Thanks sheri, I've been on the peppermint and it does help. The pain I could handle when I came out its just that as of this weekend just gone it seems to be getting worse not better. I just feel so woozy. I need to get my stitches out too as they've not dissolved like they are supposed to of x

I felt like I was feeling much better 4 days after then it hit me again like a ton of bricks. I fainted twice in the second week, felt light headed and the pain returned with a vengeance. I did take my period late on in the week though. I'm on my third week after the lap now and I'm still getting these symptoms on and off. I returned to work on reduced hours this week but really could have done with another week off.

I remember first week was okay it was the second week I felt worse, I've got second lap coming up and I'm not looking forward to the recovery at all, but same time can't carry on like this x

All the best for your lap. It might not be so bad, at least this time around you'll know what to expect x

Hi I'm struggling with feeling sick too, I've had laparotomy so been on strong painkillers and I'm sure they're not helping with the sickness. I had a phase before my op of feeling very sick and worked out if I only took pills with full meal rather than just a snack I was better but since op I'm taking so many pills there's not enough meals in the day! I don't know if that's what's making me feel sick or the pain makes me feel sick or if it's just everything healing inside is upsetting my stomach but I'm trying to reduce pills and drinking peppermint tea does help but only for a short time. I've also been told ginger is supposed to help too.

I had a lapbefore this last op and did find recovery I got better then worse when trying to do more but did feel better after a few weeks just make sure your resting lots and if you don't feel well enough for work get signed off for longer. I hope your feeling better soon x

Hi lillyflower.

Sorry to hear you're suffering, hope you'll feel better soon. I'm currently not on any meds due to intolerance, I did have tramadol after the op every 4 hours and then just before bed but I'm not taking any now. I've just seen my doctor and she has signed me off again as she thinks I might have a chest infection and possibly be anaemic. She doesn't want me to have my stitches removed she says to wait for them to dissolve.. It's already been 13 days, but oh well. Hope you are feeling better soon x

Hi Yes I'm on Tramadol too, i Wonder if maybe it's still in your system! I've reduced the amount but wonder if it's upset my stomach while I was on full dose. I also go anemic and that would explain why you go light headed I know that's when I need more iron but iron tablets van make me feel sick so iron rich soups normally give me a boost I need. As for stitches acter 3 weeks mine felt so tight i made an appointment with the surgery nurse who cut and removed them. A couple were soburied she ddidn't want to fiddle too much but after a couple of baths because the knot was cut they worked their way out and I felt so much better. I was told they were dissolvable but would take a couple of months so if they get too uncomfortable make a appointment with the nurse.

I'm glad you've been to doctors and I hope if it is a chest infection it clears soon and you'll be feeling better. Enjoy the rest I know it gets a bit borring 4 weeks of daytime tv and either laying in bed or on sofa I'm definitely getting bored but I did too much and paid for it so I now think I'll be recovering even longer so I know the more I rest the sooner I can start getting back to normal! I must say the no housework rule is lovely although my hubby doesn't agree! Well I'm having a day of herbal tea peppermint or fruit and so far feeling less sick so fingers crossed we will be feeling better soon x

They are supposed to be removed after 10 days if they haven't dissolved as can cause infection xx

That's what I thought but the doctor said I had to leave them until they dissolve themselves x

No don't listen to them, ask to see the nurse if they don't do it then contact the hospital xx

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