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Ovarian cyst

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I had really bad pelvic pain all in my right side so I was admitted to hospital while there I had a bedside scan and she saw a cyst which she said was small so then was transferred to another hospital where I spent the night told i was NBM and can only sip water I was being sick etc this morning I went for another scan and was told there was a lot of fluid and a cyst on my right ovary which measured around 5cm but I don't fit the criteria for surgery! So was sent home with pain killers 🙄 I've been sick and can't keep food down I'm really bloated and just don't feel well at all! Been told it will pass in a few days and I'll have a review in December to see if the cyst has gone or gotten bigger has anyone been in similar circumstances? I asked about the possibility of it being because I mighy have endo to be told it wouldn't be at all?!!

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Hi I have 4cm on my right as well a week ago I had terrible lower abdominal pain , difficulty walking and sitting, it last for 2 days, I went to ED gyne advised 48hrs of pain killers every 4-6 hrs. it did helped. I thought it would not. I took paracetamol, buscopan,ibuprofen,dihydrocodeine. not in one go but alternate. like paracetamol plus ibuprofen then after 4-6hrs i took paracetamol and buscopan, then after paracetamol and dihydrocodeine. I was just trying to see which helped me best as I had terrible pains which made me go to ED twice in 2 weeks and been off sick at work. anyways, I hope you feel better.

Hey I had a 5cm cyst in my ovary and had a lap 4 weeks ago to remove it as it was causing me sooo much pain and also had endo removed at the same time as this is what caused the cyst xxx

I went through 12 years of on again off again pain like you describe. My medical care providers did not take it seriously until finally I was lying in a fetal position on the floor of my doctors office, vomiting from pain. Up until that point I had been told it was just menstrual related, or just gas or constipation. They were aware of a cyst, but it wasn't in danger of bursting, so surgery was never presented as an option.

It turned out not only did I have a cyst; my ovary had twisted and cut itself off from blood and oxygen flow. I also had a good deal of endo all over the place that hadn't been found before, but had likely been present for years.

I ended up having an oopherectomy, and the pain has never been back. I wish someone had taken me seriously 12 years ago. 8 months of pain free bliss and counting.

I am in the US, so obviously a different health care system, but is it possible to get a second opinion? In the US, women's pain is not taken seriously by many doctors and it took me many frustrating encounters until I got to someone who was willing to find out the true cause of the problem.

Good luck.

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Mrskc1 in reply to Minalachatte

It's awful isn't it!! I've spoke to the hospital and was told the only way of getting a second opinion was to go back to A+E and start the whole process again 🙄 or call monday see what rhey say then idont know what to do for the best as painkillers are keeping the pain down but it's still there 👎and I was sick last night and feeling like im going to be sick constantly xx

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Adeno2020 in reply to Mrskc1

Hi this happened to me I was sent away 3 times due to cyst being 4.9 cm then eventually they done a lap to rule out appendix. Turns out I my cyst was leaking into the pelvis slowly so scan didn’t pick it up

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Mrskc1 in reply to Adeno2020

I went to the hospital today and saw a different consultant and he's doing the surgery tomorrow morning!! Can't wait to feel normal again!

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Adeno2020 in reply to Mrskc1

Finally Honnestly persistence is key! Wish you all the luck!

I’ve just had an 8x8x8 cyst removed. It was complex and damaged the ovary so that had to go as well. I had really bad bloating each month and stabbing pains plus some spotting at ovulation time. I looked 6 months pregnant at various times in the month. Apparently for surgery the cyst has to be over 7cm I think. I’d ask for referral to Gynae and request MRI as they should be able to see more on there. Hope you get some help! X

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Mrskc1 in reply to MagicTea

Ive had the same!! I've got 3 children but I've had 7 miscarriages and been in pain for months so doctor at first hospital thinks one cyst has ruptured which is why I'm in pain I don't see how I don't fit the criteria for surgery xx

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MagicTea in reply to Mrskc1

Have you had a referral to Gynae endo specialist? Could you ask for one? They’re the best and so much more understanding than general GP. My specialist was amazing and GP referred me straight away, however, the reason for the urgent referral was elevated CA125 levels but gynae told me this was normal with someone with endo. Hope someone listens to you xx

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Mrskc1 in reply to MagicTea

Yeah my referal is for July 2022

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MagicTea in reply to Mrskc1

Oh wow that’s a long time. I know some people have paid for a private consultation to speak that part up but I didn’t so not sure how much or how beneficial that would be. Sorry to hear it’s this long ☹️X

Hi there, I’m not sure if it’s just the cyst making you feel so poorly but definitely sounds like they need to take it more seriously. Just so you know, I’ve been told numerous times, any cyst below 3cm isn’t considered necessary for surgery so you should actually qualify! I know they change the goalposts all the time to suit their agenda, but when you add the facts that’s you’re in pain, nauseous and feeling so poorly it should really be addressed urgently. I had a 12x12cm cyst and even then, they wouldn’t even do an ultrasound when I ended up in a&e keeled over in pain - was told to go home, call my GP in the morning and get him to refer me for one. It was another 1.5 months before my cyst was even detected. I know it’s difficult when you’re unwell but really push to see a gynaecologist and make it clear your quality of life is being seriously impacted. I hope you get better care soon x

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Mrskc1 in reply to MMich15

That's what I thought 🙄 just don't care do they I've got a referal to gyne for 2022 for suspected endo but that's seen the cyst said it was a simple ovarian cyst how can they tell what it is from a scan xx

hi hun how's u doing? I'm sorry to hear that ur suffering, I've recently had a 5cm cyst removed and another drained, although I didn't fit the criteria in size but the symptoms it caused eg vomiting, fainting, agony etc did so they removed it based on the pain I was suffering. if its causing u pain or other symptoms that u are unable to cope with keep on them until they listen, you shouldn't have to wait and see! if u want to talk about this then please message me, hope you can get the help u need xxxx

Thank you, still in pain keeping myself dosed up on codine, being sick etc I've called the hospital to ask for a second opinion to be told ill need to go A+E again and do the whole process again or wait until Monday so i dont have a clue what to do I think the consultant went by my symptoms for past 3 days which was extreme pain and not the constant paid for months 🙄 x

aahhhh hun that's really shit! if it was me I'd go back to the hospital hun, if you can that is (worse case call an ambulance) * it will then be on record

* more chance that they will sort it

*they can give you better pain relief & anti sickness medications.

tell them that you can't cope anymore u want it out xxx

Ive just ordered some food as i really don't want to cook, then going to decide after what to do as I feel sick but could be because I'm hungry 🤔 just don't know what to do with myself xx

Well I hope you feel better soon, if you get to the point where you are struggling to cope, please call an ambulance xxxx

I went back to hospital that night saw a different consultant who 're looked at everything aparently my blood work was through the roof extreamly high white blood cells she believes that one cyst ruptured and because it was left caused an infection so she's put me on two strong different antibiotics for 2 weeks and reviewing me tomorrow 🤞A+E just wanted to give me stronger pain meds 🙄 so I declined as I've got 3 children to look after and can't while off my face 🤦‍♀️ she said a 5cm cyst was small 🤷‍♀️

omg I'm so glad that you went back 💖 it's infuriating to hear that! you could have caught sepsis! I've also got 3 beautiful children and I would of died from sepsis if it wasn't for my partner! (they said my periods could of been the cause, but couldn't pin point it).I also glad that u refused stronger meds (if you can handle the pain without it only, of course) I used to be on so much medication I was always off my face 😔 (I'm on more natural pain relief nowadays ❤️) hope you feel better soon, please keep me informed n if you want to chat plz let me know xxxx

Just been for my appointment seen a 3rd consultant who's put me down on the emergency surgery list for tomorrow morning!! 👏🍾🍾 xx

yay🥳 I'm really glad that you are getting the help u need, sometimes all it takes is the right kind of Dr (one who will listen 😂)hope you are well and not too bored xxxx

Hi. How are you? I have had similar problems and it turned out the simple 5cm ovary cyst was actually a slow rupturing chocolate cyst and getting help was a challenge . Hope some food helped. Xx

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Mrskc1 in reply to Tillyfloss

Still the same 👎 I went back to hospital today and have been put on the emergency surgery list for tomorrow morning 🍾🍾 hopefully will be feeling normal soon! Xx

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Tillyfloss in reply to Mrskc1

So pleased to hear they finally listened and all the best for the surgery tomorrow. I had the same with a&e ( before covid) they had missed red flags in the blood tests but luckily I knew the clinical director of the hospital who spotted it and gave them a roasting for missing it. Hope you get a good sleep tonight and you can take your time with recovery. XX

hey sweetie how's u feeling? wishing u best of luck today xxx hope you get well quickly xxx let us know how ur doing when u feel up to it xxxx

In quite a bit of pain they said there was no endo which is fab and they cleaned all the fluid from the cyst that burst and took the other one still have my ovaries etc so pleased about that so resting at home taking it slowly xxx

that's fantastic news hun, I really hope that you will be pain free soon xxxx if u fancy a natter im available 😂 xxx

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