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is the implant worth it?

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hi, I have been back to the doctor and in order for me to be referred to a gynaecologist I have to be put back on to hormonal treatment, and I can't go back on the pill as it would make my depression severely worse so I was wondering if anyone would recommend the implant?

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Hi lea2001 I had the implant twice, you get it changed every 3 years. Over the 6 years I piled on a lot of weight, could never shift it no matter what I did. I got it taken out when the time was up, it got lost in my arm so I was sent to hospital so they could remove it. I feel it hid my gynaecology problems, it all started for me after I got the implant out and was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. That’s only my story though and for me it was good in the way it stopped my periods.

There will be some positive stories about it, I guess all you can do is try and see if it works for you 😀

Also the option of a coil?


thank you for your reply, losing it in my arm is what scares me the most and knowing me it will happen also the piling on weight scares me as well thinking about it. I'd only do it for the 6 months then have it taken out so then I can get seen by a gynaecologist. I was willing to have the coil but because I'm virign they said it would be too traumatic for me to have.

I don’t know how often people have lost it in their arm, never heard of anyone before so it’s maybe just me lol 😆 please don’t let that put you off, even when I had to get I removed your arm is numb so you don’t feel a thing x

I've seen a lot of people on Facebook saying that they've lost it in their arm. I'm only thinking about it for now

I think its only something you can try and see as everyone reacts differently to it I had it put in years ago and for me I had no problems only i didnt really have periods at all, however now I have had it out this iswhen my issues have come to light and GP suspecting endo so awaiting to see gyne. I lasted 6 mths without it and had it put back in in the hopenthe symptms will ease again until I can see gyne. Ive known friends and family members to get it and hated it and felt awful and others who have loved it so it differnt for anyone. I personally wouldnt like the idea of the coil and am to dosy to rember to tske a pill each day so it works for me x good luck xxxx

thank you for the reply. I'm thinking that the implant might be the best option for me at the moment, as I had been on the pill from ages 12-19 and I've found now that the pill takes me to a very dark place mentally and I can't do that to myself so I think I might have to do the implant.

Hope it helps x from what I am aware its progesterone only were as pill is both progesterone and estrogen which I think estrogen can affect your mood. But am no DR just what Ive read x I hope you find something that helps xxx

my pill was mainly progesterone as oestrogen gave me raging headache all the time , I can't win with anything lol

Why did the doctor say you need hornone treatment before you get referred to gyne???

she didn't say

Hello, do you mean implanon implant in your arm? If so, I've had it before and felt really low and depressive with it that much so I had to get it taken out. Is there a reason you have to go back onto hormonal treatment to be referred to a gynaecologist. I am awaiting an appt with a gynaecologist and the doctor only recommended I go back onto the pill as my appointment isn't until September, I just told her no I can't because I've taken the pill for many years and just don't want to do it again.

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lea2001 in reply to vizzle_01

the doctor I saw didn't say why I had to go back onto hormonal treatment, and I can't guess why either. I don't want to go back onto the pill either it was good for a while but I have noticed a big difference in my depression when I'm on it and when I'm not.

Hi, i had the implant (nexplanon) and had to get it removed a couple months after due to depression. I am however now on progesterone only pill and it does not cause me to be depressed. Despite being same hormones. I guess its just different for everyone. My gynaecologist recommended kyleena, its a coil but very small, recommended for those who havent given birth. Also has a very low dosage of hormones, she told me that because the hormones are focused in the uterus then it is less likely to impact mental health but i have read that it can still cause depression.

yeah I wanted the coil but I can't have it right now as I haven't had sex and it would be too traumatic for me (doctors words). yeah it is different for everyone and I'm kind of leaning towards the implant and as soon as it makes my mental health too bad I will have it removed.

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Vmvm in reply to lea2001

I had the mirena coil and it wasn’t traumatic for me at all as I had it done in hospital under anesthetic. It worked really well for me the first 3 years but then I had problems after. I had no side effects with it the first time either. Goodluck with whatever you choose :)

Hiya! I’ve had the implant for 3 years now, soon to get my next one fitted. I didn’t realise how much it helped (or just covered) the pain and heavy bleeding. I have PCOS and for some reasons the benefits of the implant stopped working after about 1.5 years after having it fitted, so I’ve been told by a contraceptive specialist to get it changed once / every 2 years - so that’s something to have in mind, you can’t really control it and depending on your body it might be different to expectations.

I did find my low moods persisted with the implant (after being on the pill for a number of years). Maybe the coil (the Cooper coil doesn’t effect mood I believe but isn’t good for endo/heavy bleeders), the hormones are localised and there’s a lesser chance of mood changes.

But if you don’t want to do hormonal treatment voice that to your dr, there might be other options. I do recommend the implant, but it’s how your body reacts to it.

Hope it goes okay though xx

I am definitely leaning towards having the implant but just for the 6 months so I can then get seen by a gynaecologist. From what I'm reading I'm thinking it will affect my mental health but I think it might not be as bad as the pill but as soon as it gets to bad I will get it removed.

thank you xx

Does your doctor mean the contraceptive implant or the hormonal implant in your tummy to shut your ovaries down (zoladex)

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lea2001 in reply to Catd81

she meant the contraceptive implant

I underwent surgery two months ago to remove traces of endometriosis from the pelvis and intestine, and now I am undergoing an injection treatment, every month, an injection of a synthetic hormone, and this is very excellent. The name of the injection is decaptyl

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lea2001 in reply to vivian_93

yeah I've heard of the injection but eventually you have to inject yourself and I'm not okay with that

The increased weight thing...........the hormonal treatment increases appetite. If you have a good strong will and can control your cravings then it shouldn't be an issue.

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