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can endo return while taking prostap?

hi all. i'm a new user and i have a very long and painful history of endomatriosis. for the last 2yrs, i've been a total cripple due to the pain of endo. i've had 2 laproscopy's since january 2010 and i've been on the prostap injections for 8months now and i've been great on it. in the last couple of months, i've had a few niggly pains and this last wk 'ive been in quite a lot of pain and it's same as endo pain. has anyone else had their endo returning while on this or similar meds?

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I am on a nasal spray which does the same thing as ur on I have been on it for 6months now and in the last month I am crippled again I had no pain for the first 3 months and then I got niggly pain once a month


hi and thank you for replying. im sorry its bin a long time. im still on the prostap. i've bin on it for 10months now and got at least 2 months left. i was still having periods til december wen i took myself off the HRT and was fine for a month or so after that but started gettin niggles like you did n at the moment im having mildish pains constantly. im seeing my consultant at the end of may n going to see what she says.


Hi Tracie - it is possible, yes.

I only ever go on to Prostap or Zoladex for 6 months at a time and usually by the end of the course I am starting to have pain again, I wonder whether it's because whilst the endo is 'shocked' into submission when the Prostap course begins, it eventually starts to fight back. I have no evidence to base this on! but we all know exactly how our endo pain feels

Go back to your consultant, they're in the best position to tell you what's going on and what they can do about it

Good luck xxx


i have been on prostap for 2 years and zoladex for a year before that. while these injections reduce the amount of hormones going through your system which will then reduce the rate in which the endo grows. so yes it can grow while on prostap but not at the rate it would without it. in some cases it can shrink down the adhesions and make it easier for a dr to operate.i am having my 5th lap in march even though i have been on injections for the greater parts of 8 years. my endo however is all over and they never removed what was there to begin with and they cant either. so i guess im not lucky in that sense. if the pain continues go see your dr and dont let them try and tell you that it cant be the endo. stick to your guns and be persistent good luck with everything and stay strong!! xx


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