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Scans and endo


Hi girls I've been a bit quiet on here but im looking for advice as I'm on the edge of my teether now.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2019 and had to been ok since had my bad days and good days. Last year things got bad again, ive been super bloated since December and I cant get anything to get it down I've been in lots of pain even having rib pain in my right side. Was taking to an emergency appointment a few weeks ago at the hospital after calling 111 and was told I need to speak to my doctor he didn't really want to listen to me but I finally managed to push to have some scans done which I had done today, all went OK have to wait for my results was a bit concerned as she shouted out my kidney size not sure if that normals but it was like 9.6 one side I don't know what its meant to be she spent a lot of time in the area under my boobs if that makes sense ? In a bad way I hope something is found as im sick of feeling like this now but I'm also so concerned that nothing will be picked up and I'm back to square one again and then what do I do ? Sorry for the long story but really looking for some advice with what to do?

Hope to hear back from some of you soon


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Hi Louise,

Wow! That's quite a story there! I too have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Have you managed to research up on this disease? This would be beneficial! A change in diet would most definitely help! This means cutting out wheat, gluten, drinking lactose free milk and plenty of green vegetables! Camomile/pepper mint tea will help with the bloatyness in your stomach. Also cut out fizzy drinks (if you drink them that is) These contain far too much gas!

I am not sure about your kidney issue. I am not familiar with this one but know a lot about living a healthy life styles with endometriosis!

Oh yes, I just remembered AVOID RED MEAT because these contain far too much hormones! Stick to eating white meat and choose the free range or organic meat!

One last thing, drink coconut water and coconut milk! This is not only a healthy choice but will help to heal the body! :)

I hope this helps!

BetterFlyAway, you forgot to mention deep fried foods and sugars too. In short we (the endometriosis diagnosed) have to act like we have Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, lactose intolerant and finally be a vegan.😔

Thanks for that! And yes I agree! But it's only for people's benefit in the end! Look at the positives! At least we will live a better and more healthier life style!


Hi thank you for replying to me Im already gluten free as I have coeliac disease and I dont eat a lot of red meat, ive just tried switching to lactose free stuff to but I don't really know what else I can do to help with bloating I may just have to accept im going to be like this 😪.

Aaw, that's soo sad to hear. I'm sorry you are experiencing this.

☹️ Have you tried the teas I mentioned? How about exercise? Drinking more water maybe? Have you spoke with your GP about this? I wish I can help you. I hate seeing people suffer. x

Xxlouise25xx, did you know that endometriosis mimics diseases like coeliac, Crohn’s disease and lactose intolerance? And than it goes away on its own???

I never heard of that. I heard that having a baby is suppose to cure it which I believe to be totally untrue!

From whom you heard that??? Lol There’s no cure for endometriosis. Pregnancy makes you feel better with the conditions, but once you deliver it will be worse. The reason is because the pregnancy makes your level of progesterone high. Endometriosis feeds from oestrogen.

Endometriosis gives you inflammation in your entire body. For a period of time I’ve been lactose intolerant then it disappeared just like that.

Than I became allergic to sunlight, where my arms would have red rashes. And then it disappeared.

Then I started having tennis elbow and golfers elbow, so I took only one injection of steroids and it’s completely gone. (You are actually supposed to have 3 injections when you have that type of inflammation)

Then I had arthritis, gone too. All that because of my endometriosis.

A video from a You Tube channel. I know for a fact that there is no cure! The only way forward is a healthy diet to help ease the symptoms of this disease!

That is correct. There is no cure. You can treat the condition with gluten-free, lactose free and vegan foods. And progesterone hormones of course. The reason why when you have endo you have to act like you have food allergies like coeliac, lactose intolerant and be a vegan. And no deep fried food too.

Yes, I know and unfortunately this is life for endometriosis sufferers!

I suppose alcohol is out of the question too! Not that I drink it anyway.

Hello there, A 9.6mm stone means that you will probably need a surgery.

Endometriosis and kidney stones. Oh I feel sorry for you.


I wasn't sure what she meant when she said kidneys 9.6 on right and left was 9.5 so was confused? I don't get my results till next week x

Oh so you have 2 stones? Oh boy, you must be in lots of pain. 😨

Heloo85 in reply to Xxlouise25xx

The mean average pole to pole length of an adult human kidney is 10-13 cm. In general, the left kidney is slightly longer than the right. As expected, solitary kidneys are larger.

She was noting the actual size of your kidneys! Well I’m assuming she was! Not sure if she found anything and if so, what that means!


Serenity202 in reply to Heloo85

Lol, ok. I couldn’t really understand what she meant. She just wrote 9.6. Not mentioning stones or size of what. So I thought it was stone. 🤷‍♀️

Sorry if I confused anyone with what I meant. Was trying to get an understanding of it all x

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