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Endo cancer

Hi everyone

I don't normally post but I'm struggling at the moment I seen my gp and have to have further tests done but worse case senareo is endo cancer, I'm so worried can't eat or do anything .

It's been a bad 5 months for me as I lost my dad in December, and we've just come through another cancer scare with my uncle 2 days later it was my 50th birthday then day after had smear test results in post all was normal but 1 hour later docs surgery rang gp wants to see me to talk about my smear results so very confused , seen gp and she went through a lot of things it could be but the thing sticking in my mind is cancer.

I've suffered with endometriosis since my teens she said it to could be to do with this things breaking away etc

But I'm so scared I just wondered if anyone else has had this or simular

Thanks x

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When you say "a lot of things it could be" and "it to could be to do with this things breaking away etc"....what exactly is "it". Is there something else that was found? Did you ask your GP why you were called in and what her concern is? What does your GP propose to do about "it"?


It could be the endometriosis breaking away from the uterus, it could just be my age and things to do with the menopause.

She is sending me for a scan, she said they would use the one that's used when pregnant can't remember the name sorry, will also do an internal camera to see inside what's going on, I'm just so scared


So you have discharge or something? Is that the thing that's prompted this? Let me know what symptom you have and I might be able to suggest a few things. Endometriosis is not located in the uterus. That would be the endometrium.

The worst case scenario of endometrial cancer that you have banging around in your head is probably one of the easiest to deal with. My friend had it a few years ago. Vaginal hysterectomy in a very quick procedure, no radiotherapy, no chemotherapy. She's totally fine. I don't mean to belittle your undoubted fear but cancer isn't always as bad as it's made out to be in the media. I had breast cancer last year and I'm fine but doing everything to ensure it doesn't come back or spread. It was scary but I never let it all get to me and just looked after myself very well. My endometriosis is a much more difficult nut to crack!

The scan is probably a transvaginal ultrasound. They put a probe up you and it comes up on a screen. This will be to see if there might be any cysts or adhesions in the pelvis. Things don't always show up though so it's not a definitive way of finding out what's going on around the uterus as opposed to inside it. It shouldn't hurt but as you are quite scared, line up something nice to do afterwards even if it's just a nice long soak in the bath.

The internal camera is called a hysteroscopy and is usually done without anaesthetic. This will be to literally look inside your uterus.

I'm glad you have a good GP who is doing the right investigations. Good luck.

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Hi brown low

Thank you for taking the time to reply and explain things to me.

I've had blood tests done came back virus of some sort and I'm on the change, so not had a period since Dec but have as we call it been spotting and when I wipe myself it sometimes shows pink so bleeding at times,with slight discharge which the nurse picked up on when she done my smear test, I still get period pains around the time I'm due on also lower back is very painful can hardly move at times, but again I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my spine top to bottom so put that pain down to those, I feel very bloated at times and some times nauseous my legs, feet and ankles swell up an awful lot and thighs tingling itchy and hot but again that's been happening for years since the fibromyalgia started 15 + years ago.

What you have said about endometrium is what Dr mentioned also the scans the hospital rang me yesterday I go on bank holiday monday at 9 20 so things moving now .

Thank you for explaining things for me I feel a little better now with a bit more understanding of what's going to happen and possible out comes


Oh Tweety, I really feel for you. You have a lot to contend with. It's so hard to be in an uncertain situation and to be thinking the worst but for what my non-medical opinion is worth I think it's probably all part and parcel of your endometriosis and menopause. The discharge could be due to the virus too. They just need to make sure that there isn't anything else untoward going on. I hope you'll be fine. I feel you will.

Have you had any blood tests for vitamins and minerals? If not get them to test ferritin, B12, folate, vitamin D, vitamin C, B1, and B2 and anything else essential. Then supplement if necessary or eat the right foods. Vit D is a biggy. Not enough sunshine in the UK to get the recommended 5000IU per day that we all need.

Your whole health situation indicates to me that you have a lot of inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the latest buzz word because it causes havoc in the body and leads to the types of conditions you have. It's very common to have endo and something else. Many foods we eat and things we do are inflammatory. If you can try to cut back on foods that cause inflammation and instead eat anti-inflammatory foods your body will thank you. If you google 'anti inflammatory diet' you'll get tonnes of information. Dr. Weil is a good starting point drweil.com/drw/u/ART02012/a...

Over the weekend try to get out for a few walks between the raindrops and breathe in the fresh air. Even a short walk will help calm you. Say to yourself "whatever happens I'll deal with it". That's a good way of coping with fear.

Let us know how it goes on Monday. And by the way, I had a 'growth' in my uterus last year. It was a benign polyp and I had it removed.

Take care. x


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