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Laparoscopy in two weeks need advice


Hey guys

So after being put on the emergency surgery list I finally have my surgery date.

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on what to expect what to take with me. What to have on the journey home which will be 1hr and 20mins. What to ask after just any advice you would give I would be soo grateful.

Hope your all as well as can be

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Sorry I’m not any help for you however if you do find anything out please let me know as I’m due for my op in 3 weeks, and I have no idea what to expect.

I really hope your op goes well ❤️ Sending love x

Is there a way I can direct message you somehow? I have been given a list of things and some advice would love to share it with you xx

I have just sent you a private message, Thankyou xx

Sorayaq in reply to Graduate2020

Hello girls !! I would love to receive some I sights as well xx

Graduate2020 in reply to Sorayaq

I have messaged you xx

Take something to keep you occupied I took a tablet in so I could watch tv. I found drinking pop helped to ease the wind. Also sweets to suck afterwards as your throat is sore. If you don’t like hospital food take something in. For the journey home take a pillow to put across your tummy so the seatbealt doesn’t rub against you.

Graduate2020 in reply to logit

Thank you xx

Hey I’m having my second operation in 3 weeks so I can recommend a few things! I would take a pair of slippers, big knickers, some kind of pad (you’ll most likely bleed after) some loose clothing for the journey and maybe a pillow for the journey too! Also take something just in case you have to stay overnight-unlikely but it’s better to be prepared! I would write notes on your phone for after the op as you will most likely be really drowsy and sometimes the information can be quite overwhelming which is completely fine! You can’t really prepare fully because we don’t know what the operation may find! If you have any more questions let me know! I hope it’s kind of helpful!

Graduate2020 in reply to Jemma97

Thank you xx

I would recommend peppermint tea for when you’re back home. It helps to gently disburse the trapped air from the gas they use. I find it doesn’t taste the best but it worked a treat! Best wishes for the op x

Thank you xxx

Definity take a pillow so when your travelling home you can put it against your belly and seatbelt and ask the hospital for some sachets to help with going to the toilet as it may take a few days i hope this helps and wear baggy clothes Good luck with everything xx

Thank you xxx

Hi! I just had Laparoscopy a month ago for adhesions and endometriosis (for the second time :( ) I would have something to keep you occupied, I bought my laptop and watched movies until I was ready for surgery. I also bought a change of clothes in case I stayed overnight (which I did). I would also say bring some pads and comfortable clothes.

Also after surgery if you have any pains such as tummy ache or shoulder or neck pain I found a heat pad and paracetamol helped a lot. Walking around helped me forget about the pains too.

Depending on what your surgery will find it’s difficult to know how to feel as well, getting support from others is really important. I hope this helps, feel free to send me a message if I can help in anyway!

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