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Advice needed after 4th laparoscopy

I had my 4th lap Tuesday just gone to treat endometriosis. Since then I've not been able to eat solid food or food in general and my main wound keeps weeping. Went docs Friday and she's treating it as though it's infected so on antibiotics and also anti sickness drugs to try and help me eat. Lastnight I had half a sandwich and the pain I was in afterwards was undescribeable to the point where seriously considered going back hospital. Is this normal after having so many laps? I do feel this time I'm taking longer to heal than previously. Any advice most welcome

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You need to see an endometriosis specialist who does excision surgery. Anything else will make you worse. I'm sorry for your struggle!



I'm in a very similar position after my 3rd lap and removal of endo a month ago. I'm going to my gp this morning to see if I can get a referral to a specialist as I no longer trust the gyneas to be of any help.

I will let you know if I have any joy!


I'm feeling a lot better today but still a bit weary of food and can't continue to take anti sickness drugs indefinitely.

Let me know what your gp says


are you sick after food? do you have pain. is it top of abs under bust?



I haven't been sick just felt it. My stomach does this agonising cramping after I've eaten like I need to go to the loo (sorry too much info) plus getting backache but high up like mid back


only asking as I get this after food. think it's endo causing major gut sensitivity. I had switch to the endo diet. white bread,carbs and cheese cause the worst pain.

Google Endo diet see if it's relevant to you. hope you get better soon. 4 laps is alot xxxx


Tell me about it!

I don't eat white bread or carbs as a rule and rarely eat cheese but I will check this out thanks!


Couldn't be the gas taking longer to pass after operation Hun, xxxxx


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