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What to bring for Lap?



Got a laparoscopy booked for end of Sept. Apart from what’s recommended to bring online, was there anything that you would add too to help the experience? Thanks so much!

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I had mine Monday and I would say a pack of mints not only for the pain from gas but for your throat as well. Also if u stay in be aware of eating soft foods, they gave me toast which was not edible due to it being solid and dry. Ice cream is a must to order for pudding. Good luck x

Nofrills87 in reply to EndoJaz

Thanks so much! Appreciate it. Hope you’re doing well after yours x

Hi, I had mine a month ago today! I would definitely recommend slippers and dressing gown for the hospital. Water bottle for the journey home and throat sweets is a must. Baggy clothes and big stretchy pants for after surgery. Period pads is a must also! And peppermint tea was great for helping with the gas and general discomfort - so stock up on that at home! Porridge and fruit were about the only things I could stomach aswel so maybe make sure you have them I ! Good luck hope all goes well ❤️

Had mine yesterday, wasn’t to bad but felt really bloated after ( last night) . Had with me slippers, dressing gown , water bottle , mints ( you will have a very dry mouth and sore throat) , sanitary pad and baggy clothes. I couldn’t eat to much ( they give toast and tea but I couldn’t swallow anything after ) . Home I had a soup and some fruits.good luck and hope everything will go well ❤️

Hi not so much something to take with you but ask them to leave a sick bowl with you. I felt fine for about an hour after I came round then all of a sudden felt sick and the nurse had to go running off to find a sick bowl and only just made it back with one in time.

I had to stay in for two nights the first night because of the time I ended going down for surgery and the second night because I couldn’t wee afterwards (I get urinary retention when on my period anyway) so maybe take a book or something with you just in case you have to stay in.

Good luck xx

One of the best tips I got from here was take a soft pillow in the car to put over abdomen under the lap bit of seatbelt to cushion against bumps on the way home. It did help and was also strangely reassuring and comforting as well!

A phone charger! I had to stay in overnight but my phone died and I couldn’t contact my husband to let him know. I also treated myself to new pyjamas and slippers for when I got home 👍

A pillow for on the way home, to protect you from the seatbelt. Also peppermint tea to help with the gas pain. Good luck, i hope it goes well

I took some Ginger biscuits with me as Ginger helps if you feel a bit sick. Also hospitals can be quite hot so a I would recommend an Evian water spray for your face to cool down.

Thank you so much ladies. I’m making a list as you’re all adding stuff on here. Super helpful! 🥰

Stock up on some dry crackers, good for nibbling on when feel sick at home after x

Take some windeze with you in case you have shoulder tip pain from the gas. Also, ibuprofen and paracetamol in case you have any pain. Plenty of water too! Also, like someone said above don’t eat the toast haha, it’s too dry and your mouth will be dry - it is not a great combination. Good luck!

Hi ladies, just wanted to say thank for all your recommendations for my lap which was on the 28th. It really helped me feeling like I was in control even though I haven’t been in control of my discomfort and pain. You are all awesome! Xx

Hope all went well, give yourself plenty of time to recover. Take it easy xx

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