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What to buy to prepare for lap?

Hello lovelies! Having my first lap on 11th, just wandered what is good to have at home to help with recovery?

I have baggy PJ's but not trackies, heat pad for tummy and lots of sanitary towels but not sure what else. I've seen a few people recommend neck heat pads or baggy clothes for discharge from hospital? I don't know how swollen I will be? Or what I will need? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Xxx

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Hey, I had mine in August. You don’t really need much unless your having a more intrusive op which requires an overnight stay. Wet wipes, no nail varnish on nails beforehand otherwise you’ll need to remove. Face wipes for make up removal and a comfy pair of trousers and top, normal sanitary pads should be fine my bleed was like a light period. That should be enough, good luck xx


Thank you so much for your reply! How did u find chest pain afterwards after the gas reabsorption? I'm really worried as I haven't actually discussed with Dr I was just out forward for it after ultrasound so haven't had any prep except with the nurse at preoperative assessment x


Chest pain felt a bit like sharp indigestion. Certain positions like leaning forward or twisting felt like my lungs were being squeezed but it’s short lived - it’s the bloating which is most uncomfortable but you must get up as soon as you can, gently pacing up and down the living room the following day a few times will help you recover much more quickly. Walking about will help the gas release - nice way of putting it lol! Plus will help prevent any scar tissue building up around ligaments I was told xx


Also had a bit of pain down my left shoulder and arm which was uncomfortable when I moved positions but it went away after a few days x


I needed heavier sanitary pads straight after my op. And peppermint cordial with soda water was a great help with the gas build-up, I had very bad shoulder pain for 2-3 days. Paracetamol and ibuprofen too although hospital might give you some codeine away with you but I was told to make sure I had P & I as they won’t prescribe that. If you’ve got a bit of car journey home then a pillow to put underneath the seat belt is good to keep it off your tummy



I am one week post op; and had to be kept in etc.

I needed big sanatry pads, big pants, don’t want anything rubbing on your wound. Comfy clothes. I took night dress in was easier especially when I got kept in. And peppermint tea. I would say I had the gas pains for a good four/five days.

Hope it goes well. Just take care I can’t believe how washed out I am and still sore! 😐 x


I wore a nightie in hospital and throughout recovery, just popping on a pair of loose tracksuit bottoms underneath if necessary. It was quite a while before I could fit into trousers with a button as I was quite swollen. Even when I went back to work I was in tunic dresses with leggings x


Oh and I didn’t have particularly bad gas pains (I drink a lot of peppermint tea anyway) but I did use my osteopath’s advice which was to do front crawl arms gently whilst sitting or standing, which helped move the gas on.


I had wet wipes, some extra plasters for the op sites (can get those online or from your chemist, I think they're just adhesive dressing pads, the square ones), nightie, loose knickers as I found normal ones or low cut ones rubbed the bikini line incision, I found loose jogging bottoms helped (doesn't need to be expensive or proper gym ones), sanitary pads, peppermint oil capsules (health food shop ones are cheaper and more in a pack, they're the same as the expensive chemist ones, just take two per day as soon as you can after op don't wait until the shoulder pain starts, I didn't have any shoulder pains probably because of that), both paracetamol and ibuprofen (they can be taken together, ask the nurse after the op), colloidal silver gel (from health shops or online, for quick healing of incision sites)

I was quite swollen and gassy for a few days, the first week hurt to move around, and the second hurt inside as everything was healing.

Hope all goes well xx


Cheap maternity trousers from Asda, jeans, leggings etc have been an absolute god send. I had my lap in Nov and I still can't stand the pressure of a normal pair of jeans on my belly


You probably won't need to buy much, TBH. I bought pyjamas because I didn't have any, but didn't need much more and the hospital will give you gowns/nighties/disposable knickers etc to wear while you're in if you need them. I would recommend baby wipes so you can wipe your hands/face if you need to, but if you are going home the same day, it won't be a big problem. Ask for extra plasters for the incisions if they don't offer you any (you can buy them cheaply from the chemist anyway). I didn't have a lot of bleeding and normal sanitary towels were enough. Went home 2 days after my third surgery (hysterectomy and excision) in my skinny jeans so you may not find it that bad. I would recommend mint or fennel tea to drink at home as that can help to shift the gas.

Gas pain was more annoying than desperately painful and ibuprofen was generally enough. If you are getting unbearable pain after surgery it can be a sign that something is wrong (internal bleeding) and that you need to go back to hospital. Hope that helps.



Id recommend a pair or sweatpants or loose pants to wear on your way home (and possibly for the next week or so)

I was insanely bloated and did really look pregnant. My normal jacket was too tight to close, so maybe a looser coat too :)

Other than that, get the tea/mints and painkillers. It isnt definite that you will get shoulder pain/gas pain. I didnt! It felt reassuring however to have the stuff at home just in case (i got simetikone too- gas x) I also took some stoolsoftener for the first few days, just in case. I dont know If i absolutely needed them but If felt good to have them anyhow.

Wish you the best of luck!


Hi Hannah27,

I found it too painful to wear trousers or anything with a waistband so I’d recommend a floaty dress. And big knickers!

You’ll be pumped with gas during the operation and the worst bit about recovering is getting over the anaesthetic and moving that gas around to get it out of your body. So, I found that peppermint tea really helped to move the gas and relieve the pressure. Also, I struggled to eat much for the first few days so I found that biscuits helped, have a few packs in the house in case you can’t stomach anything else. Ginger biscuits are great because ginger helps to settle your stomach.

Also, with some help, try to walk around regularly to move the gas. You’ll have a lot of wind but that’s good! The quicker you get the gas out, the quicker you’ll feel better 🙂 but take it slowly!

Make sure you have extra pillows in the house! You may struggle sleeping and I found that propping my swollen stomach on a pillow would help me get to sleep on my side. Sleeping on my back hurt because of the weight of my swollen stomach and the gas (but I’m only a size 8).

Wet wipes to wash yourself with are great! Some women bounce back after a few days but I was knocked off my feet for at least a week so you might not have the energy to have a shower or if you do, just have someone handy because I got very light-headed for the first few.

Your hot water bottle will be your best friend!

So, floaty dresses/loose waistbands, bigger knickers, peppermint tea, biscuits and ginger biscuits, extra pillows, a hot water bottle, walk around and a loved one to help you out for at least a few days.

Hope that helps 🙂 xx


Nighties! Sanitary towels. Painkillers( although i didnt need them,it not that bad as u think) , things to do ie netflix,boxsets , magazines.

Peppermint oil capsules as u may get the wind pain i didnt but i took them

All way through. Plus ginger biscuits for the sicky feeling.

Other then then that treat urself well, ie REST! Sleep, drink and eat.... dont think that u will get better in couple days it will take u a couple of weeks for soreness to go and took me 7 weeks for the stitches in belly button to go. Wished someone had told me all that as i thought i shoulda been up and about after. 2-3 days and i wasnt


Thank you all so so much! Already got a heat pad for my neck, extra pillows and jammies in a size bigger than I usually wear.

Will get a nightie and wet wipes. Haven't tried peppermint but will get some tea and tablets. Glad I stocked up on sanitary towels! Have pants from when I was bigger a couple of years ago so will resurrect those! Onesies!? Will get some ginger biccys in as well. I have some dressings I got from work (work on a ward and we ordered wrong stock my manager said I could have before they go out of date). Feel a bit more prepared!! I have a modelling job 2 months post op where I will be painted from head to toe... Just hope I can do it and won't be too swollen. No one had mentioned swelling to me and just said it would go down in a day or two! Feel a bit in the dark!! My pain usually means I'm on paracetamol and oramorph and anti inflammatory like brufen or mefenamic acid so I should be well prepared medication wise for pain.

Thank you all so much! Need to get a movie marathon going on! My bf is taking the first week off and my mum will be with me to help out round the house in 2nd week. I'm so nervous as don't know what to expect xxxx


Don’t forget to take your phone and charger into hospital too, and I found headphones helpful.

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