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Pain and bloating after a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound



Haven’t posted here in a while as I’ve been doing well for a year now since I’ve started on Noriday (Progesterone Only) Contraceptive Pill. I had a routine internal ultrasound on Wed where she spotted a polyp in my uterus and a 2cm cyst on my ovary. I have had no symptoms the past year although I do a get a period each month on this pill which is painful but not in the way it used to be prior to the pill.

However, shortly after getting the scan I felt I’d been punched in the abdomen and back. My bowel feels blocked and I’ve been passing loose stools. I feel as if I have organs stuck together. I had a Hysteroscopy in 2018 (due to endometrial thickening and bleeding) and I felt the exact same (feeling like my insides were bruised with bloating and bowel issues) for nearly a month and I couldn’t move. In 2011 I had a colonoscopy which also gave me the severe pains and bloating for a month after too.

I’m no doctor but I must have endometriosis or something and have adhesions as I actually don’t know of anyone else who gets these complaints after internals. I haven’t had a relationship in a few years so I’m not able to answer if sex hurts. Doctors keep fobbing me off saying I’ve IBS.

Just wondering if anyone had had similar symptoms after internal exams?

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Hiya, sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well. I had a transvaginal ultrasound in June and I felt similar to you for about a week after. Had really bad cramps and was really sore in my abdomen. Also really bloated. I had really bad heartburn which felt like chest pain. I have endometriosis and the nurse said she had to find my one of my ovaries during the scan as it had hidden behind my bowels! So I think it was partly this poking around that caused the pain. Hope you feel better soon xx

jacrjacr in reply to GabriJ

NEVER HAD that w sounds like they pressed too far in

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