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Amitriptyline for Endometriosis - what’s your experience?


I’ve tried several painkillers now: codeine, mefanamic acid, tramadol, codydramol and naproxen. They’ve now prescribed me Amitriptyline and I was wondering what anyone else’s experience was with this drug or any other medication they have found useful with managing endometriosis pain?

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I was on amitriptyline for about 6 months, it took about 4 weeks for it to start really making an impact on my pain. I found it really good for nervy pains like the sciatica and hip pain I get and the burning type sensation, but didn't seem to do anything for cramps/bowel pain for me. Sadly I had to come off it as it started giving me a fast heart rate and I was quite disappointed because it did help quite a bit. Apparently that reaction is rare so I don't mean to worry you, but keep an eye on your symptoms just in case. Hope this helps xx

Thanks for sharing 💛 I’ve started for the first time last night so will definitely try give it a good go if it took you 4 weeks for it to be fully effective xx

I started it end of june and think it helps! I am on progesterone only pill and that stopped my bleeding but have in the last 5 months started having bleeds and am wondering if it is because i take the two together. It is the only thing i had changed. Anyone else had this experience? You can only try though? We are all different.. good luck if you do try it and everyone please stay safe and well xx

LokiSunflower in reply to 079me

Have you been offered norethisterone? That helped with managing my bleeding after I started the mirena coil, it took a while for it to work but definitely helped xx

079me in reply to LokiSunflower

Hi, hope you are well! We spoke about it, i am going to see how i go! Hate taking too many things but hate periods, can’t win!! X

For me it did nothing except make me spaced out, but some on here recommended it to me as it works for them. What is helping with my nerve pain is though is specialist pelvic physio.

I think I’m definitely going to ask if I can be referred to a pelvic physio, I’d literally try anything at this point. Thanks for sharing and hope you’re well 💛

I find this really good. I only take this at night though as it does knock you out! which has given me more sleep. Everyone is different though so worth a try and hopefully it will work for you x

Thanks for sharing 💛 how long did you find until it started to really work during the day? I took it for the first time last night and it definitely helped with sleep and relieve some pain but during the day it hasn’t helped much x

Il say about 3 weeks I'm mean dont get me wrong I still suffer I take 8 zapain in the day aswell as zoladex injections hrt and mebeverane but it does make a difference at night i was waking up many times now I'm gone 🤣but it meant I could come of zomorph I'd say give it a couple of months you should know if it works for you or not by then should of kicked in x

Makes me very sleepy but changes from pain to pressure which doesn't hurt. I tried coming off it thinking oh I'm better now the pains gone and it came back worse, took about a week for any relief when back on it again and with 60mcg of codeine. It definitely works in my case


I am on Amitriptyline too.

My pains have been so gross with sharp twists, throbbing, stabbing, excruciating and name it. The pain management doctor said it’s sounds more like nerve pain. So my endometriosis decided to attack the nerves in my pelvic region.

Been on Amitriplyine which seems to help with the resting but only had it for 2 weeks now, I hope it works. I just started on Gabapentin today which made my pain worse..

Like everyone says, it may work for you but Amitriptyline seems to be working for me.

Hi I use amatryptaline and find it helpful although it does make me sleepy taking it in the evening helps with this, one of the side effects is a dry mouth having a glass of water by your bed is helpful. 💛

Hi, can someone comment on how amitriptyline affected your libido and sex?

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