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Laparoscopy wounds


Nearly three weeks post op and my wounds are really itchy - any suggestions to reduce this as worried about scratching them with out realising it

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Keep your finger nails short! You could take an antihistamine to reduce the itching sensation. I'd also suggest keeping the wound sites covered to protect them.

Is there any redness or heat around the itchy areas?

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No redness or heat all dry and clean with no signs of infection just itchy

I had my laparoscopy early January and I had a couple of days of the incisions feeling a bit itchy, I put it down to part of the healing process.

I kept mine covered at night so I didn't do anything unconsciously and they are fine now.

Could just be healing. I found the dressings irritated me but they come off at two weeks. Are your stitches still in cos they can irritate? Mine didn't drop out till 4 weeks post opp and were getting annoying. I massaged them with vaseline which helped.

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I am three weeks post op today - dressings are off but stitches are still there - will try some of the suggestions

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I think I was so good as keeping mine dry they just didn't want to come out! I read the vaseline tip from a doctor online. It helped soften them up. Hope you get some relief soon!

Def keep them covered at night! Mine got incredibly tight and itchy and were perfectly in tact so I ended up going to the nurse at my GP practice and she took them out for me as she said the skin had healed. Might be worth a shot? Apparently the more it heals the tighter it’ll feel...

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