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Pain 😒😒😒

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Hi. I was wondering can endometriosis cause extreme pain at the top of your stomach and underneath the ribcage? For many years now I get this awful awful pain. I have always been told it's a stomach ulcer, but I take medication for stomach ulcers everyday. It normally lasts for a few days. I have been back and forth to the drs, had 3 endoscopy's and the dr always says it's inflammation of the ribs, and to carry on with the medication. But I can't help and wonder if it could be a flare up due to endometriosis. I have had no sleep all night because of the pain. I have taken painkillers but they are not helping at all.. I don't know what to do πŸ˜•.

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Hi! This pain sounds horrible. Sorry to hear that you are suffering in this way. However there is a possibility that it is caused by endo. Try googling thoracic endometriosis. It can attach to the diaphragm under the lungs causing pain- could be worth mentioning to your GP. I hope you find a solution soon. x

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Hi I hope you are well. Im trying to get through to my surgery now. If I can't get an appointment I'm going to go to the urgent care centre, i can't take much more of this pain. I will mention it to the dr, and I will Google it as well. Thank you for your help ❀x

Hi, I have the same pain and a doctor told me it could be endo of the diaphragm which means when i have a laparoscopy, they'll need to look further up. I usually find that i swell in that area too especially around the time of my period but eating foods that don't cause as much bloating such as carbs do it can help.

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Hi I hope you are well. There's so many different foods I can't eat because it irritates my stomach. I finally got to see a dr couple of weeks ago and he's arranged for me to see my specialist again as he discharged me 4 months after my hysterectomy πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. He said there was nothing else he could do for me. And the dr also said it could be endometriosis growing under the ribcage and near the lungs. I'm just waiting to hear from my specialist now. πŸ’›

I have this but always thought it was intestinal cystitis a lot of people with endo have it sometimes mines so bad it’s like Little Rock’s embedded in my rib cage swelling it’s an awful feeling

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It's a horrible, horrible pain. It keeps me awake i can't eat anything,it's just constantly there. πŸ’›

I have it most before a period

Pycogenol 120mg should help with psin and size.these are the latest research.slso take fem dophilus probiotics.

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If they don't help then go back to your gp if possible. Im on lanzopresole (im not sure if that's how you spell it). I have been on them for years even though I have told so many gp, s that they don't help. I have to wait to see a specialist obviously because of the pandemic so in the meantime when I get the pain i take painkillers and i have a hot water bottle to help with the pain which does for a little while. .,πŸ˜”πŸ’›

I know this is an older thread but yes I get pain there as well it's awful

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