In pain

Just a rant.

I'm currently in a lot of pain. It had been threatening all night. Slight pains on and off, ready to strike. And now it has. It's making me feel quite queasy. I'm so sick and tired of going from day to day just to deal with awful pains. I've got them in my chest and tummy.

I don't usually rant about my pains on here, but the people who I would usually tell are all in bed and asleep. Yet I'm sat here, wide awake, in agony, and feeling sorry for myself.

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  • Know the feeling. It is horrible. Hope you had some sleep

    Did you go back to GP to ask about your lain if they can help in any way?

    Sending hug

  • Thanks. I ended up going to bed at 3am. Only just woken up now.

    I'm on the mini pill back to back. I said to my doctor that they don't seem to be working. Think I first went on them in October. And I'm still getting periods and probably more pain than ever. But my doctor told me to carry on with them because they might start working... They were supposed to stop the daily pains and the periods, but my symptoms seem to have gotten worse.

    Thank you :)

  • Sorry to reply so late back!!

    If this mini pil doesnt work for you then go back and explain it doesnt work. I had this in the past that gps let me try different pills and they all made me feel horrible in different ways and i argued a lot that it didnt work. 

    Now after 10 years i completely stopped with taking the pill and feel better for it. I started to take b6 and evening primrose oil for my moodswings and this was quite effective. 

  • Hi Hun I'm sorry you're in pain, what meds are you taking? As soon as soon as the pain starts coming on keep the pain relief up . Sending gentle hugs. Thinking of you.

  • I'm on the mini pill to help with the daily pains and stop periods, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Read my reply above ^

    And this is probably my own fault, but because I don't like swallowing tablets, I try to avoid taking paracetamol. So I wait and hope that the pains go on their own. But they usually don't.

    I was given dissolvable paracetamols, but to be honest, they're even worse than swallowing one.

    Thank you :)

  • Hi Hun I don't know whether it's possible but try and see if there is liquid form of pain relief you could take and maybe mix it with juice. Have you tried a heat pad or tens machine? Llyods pharmacy smelly a disposable tens machine for £4.99which you could try and if it does help then you could invest in a proper one. Jess I wish I could take the pain away and if I could I would Hun. I hate that you are suffering but I do know that you will get there . I know what you are going through I've been there , it will get better.

  • I should probably try the dissolvable tablet in juice, but I don't really think straight them I'm in pain.

    I've just realised my mum's got a tens machine. She said I can try it next time I'm in pain :) Thanks for your advice and your kind words

  • No problem Hun I'm here if you need me

  • Hey, have you had any surgery previously and are you under the care of a specialist at an Endo centre? You can buy an electric heat pad from Argos - it doesn't get as hot as a hot water bottle but saves burning yourself when on pain meds and heats quickly - also you won't have to go for a 'refill' every hour!

    I recommend the Endo diet and peppermint tea as easy ways to try and lower pain levels. But you definitely need to see gp about upping meds too, what have they got you on?

  • I haven't had surgery. And not been to a specialist centre yet. I'm currently in limbo because I need to wait until I move house before I can try going to a specialist centre. I'm needing a diagnostic lap, and hopefully they will remove any endo found. So my efforts to deal with this have been paused at the moment.

    Thank you for your advice. I'll make sure I look into it.

    And read my replies above about my medication ^

    Thanks :)

  • Oh gosh you are a trooper!! Only time I managed to cope with just paracetamol was when ttc and was horrendous. Poor you - acupuncture really helped me then so maybe this is something you could look into. Other wise your gp could at least give 8/500 cocodamol which might kill it, next step up from that is 15 or 30/500 then opiates. You might be waiting up to a year or more for a diagnostic lap, minimum 3 months, depends where you are. Find out what their waiting list time currently is. If you'll be moved in the next 3-6 months I'd at least get yourself on the waiting list.

    I agree moving house and having a lap isn't a good idea, I had a really ropey recovery from first lap due to moving 3wks later.

    Hope you feel better x

  • When I do take paracetamol, the pain is usually back within 10 minutes. Yeah that's a good idea about the waiting list. And I probably would have moved within that time range too. I'll look into it.

    Well I live in Wales, so can't be referred to a specialist centre anyway. But luckily I'm moving back to England, so that's why I'm having to wait.

    Thank you for your advice :)

  • Np, if you have family/friends in England near where you're going to be living you could maybe register at the local gp as temporary resident to get the referral through and then transfer permanently later. Or alternatively register there for good and change your current local to temporary resident. I had to do this sort of thing between 2 parts of uk too, bit fiddly but doable.

    You def need something stronger - avoid NSAIDs (diclofenac, nurofen) for long term use as causes damage. I found cocodamol made me very constipated so tended to stick to paracetamol and tramadol combination. Though you may feel a bit wired to the moon on that until you get used to it! Here's a bit of an intro to treatments - great site

  • Yeah, I have friends and family there. It's my hometown where I used to live. So I'm basically moving back there. That's a good idea. It'll be good to hurry up the process.

    Thank you for the info :)

  • Had a few nights like this recently myself. Don't give up. I know it's hard when it's strong pain but I try to visualise it easing out of me slowly. Seems to help a lot.

  • Thank you :) Hope you're feeling well

  • Sorry to hear your in so much pain and I can sympathise with that. I spend most of my nights wide awake. I would register with your family Dr due to the long waiting lists and doesn't seem like the pill is very effective. I appreciate you don'time taking pain relief but you need something otherwise it will start to impact on your life. I have recently had tramadol and felt very strange on it so personally wouldn't recommend. I have brought a tens machine which does hell a little. Hope you get a date for a. Laporoscy and that your move goes well 😊

  • Thanks :)

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