Leg pain

Hi all

I have had leg pain for the last month, its generally my left leg, outer thigh but I also get pains in my upper thigh groin area and shins and sometimes on my right leg. My back is hurting on and off too and was wondering if anyone else gets this, if its the endo and what you do to help ease it. Waiting for an mri and on painkillers but its more of a dull aching than a sharp shooting pain

Any advice much appreciated


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Hi Vic

I have something similar. It's more the top of my thighs and shins. I just go for hot baths and use anti inflammatory pain relief. It's certainly worse at different times in my cycle. It's a strange feeling eh? Sorry I'm not much help x

Thanks for replying Weejacs, it is a strange feeling, especially in the shins! thank you for the advice, I will try a heat pack on my lower back and see if that helps

Hi, I get a similar pain deep in my hip. I bought ibuprofen gel and take co-codamol when it's bad which seems to ease the pain x

Thanks for replying Wishes, Ive been to the doctors for extra painkillers so hopefully that will help!! x

Could be the endo or cyst pressing on the siatic nerve as this is what I was told, I sufferer really bad from this so was prescribed gabapentin for the nerve pain it didn't put it away completely though was more manageable using the gabapentin along with my other meds. Hope you get some help and answers soon take care X

Thanks for replying Deb, I had an ultrasound last week to check for cysts and there were none so I think it must be the endo. The pain in the back is where I had some endo excised last time so it could be an adhesion pressing on a nerve, doesn't really feel like sciatic pain though but have been given meds so will wait for my consultant appointment! x

I had this type of pain when I had large endometrioma cysts, it was down my leg and in groin like having sciatica as well as deep pain in my lower back and right hand side. Again I was told it was because the cysts were pressing on nerves and I luckily haven't had this leg or back pain since having the cysts removed. If it is cysts they should show up on an MRI, hope it goes well for you :)

Thanks for replying Spaelion, I had an ultrasound last week that did not show up any cysts so I reckon it must be coming from the back pain, its strange that the pain is referred there as it feels sore sometimes like the bone is bruised and other times it feels normal! Will be hopefully be sorted out soon!


I had exactly the same before a large cyst was removed. I occasionally get pains in my legs since but nothing like the constant aches I was having.

Hope your medication works and you get some relief Hun, I've never had siatica though was doc that said cyst and endo would've been on the siatic nerve hope you having ok day today xx

It's a bummer isn't it. I used to get horrific calf pain with my endo, but that luckily dispersed once I'd had radical excision of the endo. However, I still get plagued with thigh pain but it's more a trapped nerve pain - similar to what some of the other ladies have said re sciatic nerve and your main femoral nerve runs through your groin area and affects the thigh too. I was in agony this month with it, just for the first 3 days of my period and it has since subsided. But then I also got some numbness and a tired muscle feeling in my upper thigh too. This runs alongside dull back pain (I had severe recto-vaginal endo which although having big surgery on, continues to rumble away). I think when your back is hurting, that's usually a shout to me that there is inflammation, and with that I think that inflammation can then trigger nerve pain as well as other inflammatory responses elsewhere. Yes, it can sometimes be a cyst causing pressure, but sometimes it is just the general inflammation. The annoying thing with endo is that you get so much referred pain, so you may be feeling the pain in your legs but the pain is actually emanating from endo elsewhere. I get a sort of numbness too in my lower back (like you feel when you've sat on a hard bench for too long!) but it's weird as although it feels numb and I don't feel my fingers press on my lower back, I still feel the gnawing pain emanating from my back - how can you be numb and feel pain at the same time - another annoying endo symptom. Dull aches do seem to go hand in hand with endo. I saw my GP a couple of days ago with horrific never pain in my thigh as well as aching back and thighs and she recommended lying flat with my legs raised and really taking the weight off my feet for a day or two, which did actually make a bit of difference. I know how frustrating it is and send you a big hug and hope it subsides soon for you. I don't find many anti-inflammatories help to be honest and they make me feel pretty nauseous. x Also shot water bottle on the area helped me a bit too.

Thank you so much for replying Sez, the pain can be so random and can come and go so much it is hard to pinpoint anything down. I have the abdominal pain constantly at the moment as well as lower back pain but the leg pain seems to be causing me the most concern. It isn't incredibly painful, just there niggling away! Thank you for your advice x

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