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Bleeding from back passage


Hi...does anyone experience bleeding from the back passage during their period...I don't have any anal fissures or hemmorhoids...had the dr check that yesterday theres us definite bleeding but no fissures or this all endo?

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Im not sure if i have endo but i have alot of the symptoms and have been to and from the doctors but recently i have started with mucus from my back passage when on my period no blood as yet dont know if yoh have experienced this?x

YellowMad in reply to Natspooch

3 years ago mine started as mucus with diorhea then changed to bleeding alongside...hope u get your answers as soon as...its frustrating going to and fro from the drs.

I have bleeding from my back passage during my period and it’s like period blood. Gynae told me whilst it’s not the most common symptom of endo it’s definitely a symptom that can happen

YellowMad in reply to CC0507

Thankyou for your reply...x

I bleed every month from my back passage while I'm on my period. I have first years & years. I have bowel Endometriosis stage 3/4. I am unable to get it fixed until after I have IVF next year. Do you suffer with painful bowel movements too? And diarrhoea when on your period?

YellowMad in reply to Endo8701

Yes painful bowel movements are crazy its Like giving birth..I've had diorhea for 2 and a half weeks now...with bleeding and mucus...I have this 7 days before my period throughout my period then 10 days after my period...currently on day 5 post period...

I have endo on pouch of douglas and I nearly always bleed from my back passage when I have my period. 😩 such a joy!

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