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Hope you ladies are all well today. Just after a little advice.

I had my first injection of Zoladex a month ago and then an injection of Decapeptyl on Monday. On Monday night I started bleeding fairly heavily and I'm now starting to get some pain again. Is this normal? I would have been due to have my period now so do you think it could be a period or just the effect of the injection? I was quite surprised to start bleeding again as I thought the injections were supposed to stop that from happening.

Any advice would be great. Thank you.

Karen x

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I still had my period after my second injection. It didn't stop until my third one. It can take a while for your body to adjust and it's not unusual to still have a period for a while. It's also not unusual for your endo symptoms to feel worse before they start to feel better.

If you have any new symptoms get it checked out with your gynae.

I hope it works for you

Angela x


Thanks Angela. That's put my mind at rest. Hope you're feeling at the moment. X


I had my 4th prostrap injection last week and have flooded this morning with very heavy period all over the sheets. I have bled every month but was on HRT livial so I thought that was why I was having a monthly bleed, but I have stopped taking the HRT 3 weeks ago today and so don't know why I am having a heavy period now after 4 injections?


Thanks for your reply Sarah. It's strange isn't it? It does say on the leaflet that bleeding on this drug isn't normal and to contact GP but I read on another post on here that someone did that and was prescribed tranexamic acid. I really don't want anymore drugs in my system right now. I think some people just aren't as affected by this drug as others but that we need to go through the motions of trying it just to tick the box for the doctors.

Hope your bleeding settles down soon though and that you're not in any pain. X


Hi, thanks for your reply. My bleeding does seem to have stopped now, but I feel the same, I don't want anymore drugs in my body, Prostrap is enough for anyone to deal with. Hope your feeling well at the moment.


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