Daily pain. Does the pill help?

I am suffering from daily symptoms ranging from burning sensations to dull aches on either side to back ache. So far it doesn't seem linked in with my period (although has been diagnosed and allegedly removed via recent lap).

Has anyone had relief from their daily pain with the pill? I have just taken day one of Cerazette and hoping to see some improvement, but worried that as the pain is not cyclical, I may not have any change.

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  • Ive been on 8 different pills since I was diagnosed at 15. Im now on Femodene which doc reckons is best for endo and I take 3 strips back to back. Have found that this has helped a bit in managing the pain as periods are not so often and day to day pain has dulled a bit, but pain during period is still as bad. Always worth a try I just like the regularity with the pill. Hope it gets sorted soon!

  • I had a gyno appointment on Wednesday and he suggested I try cilest back to back for four months to try and ease the pain. I am skeptical as to whether this will work too, as I am also in pain every day. Mine is almost definitely not linked with my cycle, but I can't be sure as I also have the mirena coil in. I'll give anything a try to stop this pain though!

  • I take Yasmin and its been great for me. I have posted about it before so do a search and you'll be able to see how much it has helped me - totally pain free now. Good luck!!

  • Hi I take femodine it does nothing for my daily pain but it makes my period more regular and much lighter. I hope you find something that works for you I know how it feels to be in constant pain :( I've tried a few different pills but they all had to many side effects and no pain relief. Best wishes

  • I was a year and a half on Cerazette. Took me like 3 weeks to my body to get adapted to the pill. The pain was zero ( huge relive.However I felt really menopausal. I conclusion I was a good idea to take it. It really frozen my endo growing but afer a while the menopausal symptoms were to much and now I change to a combine pill.Everyone it is different, but give time to your body to adapt. All the Best!!! Good luck!!!

  • i have pain everyday too. i didnt find the pill helpful tbh. Cocodamol helps with the pain to a certain degree. ive now been referred to the pain clinic where ive been put on painkillers for nerve damage to see if its to do with that.

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