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NHS cancelling my lap 4 days before !!


So I was meant to have my diagnostic laparoscopic on Wednesday and the hospital have just cancelled on me and now I have to wait longer I’ve already waited 6 months . Are they aloud to do this ? NHS are rubbish !!! :(

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It’s quite common for surgeries to be cancelled due to a number of reasons such as not enough beds, the doctor can’t do it in that day etc. They are allowed to cancel as sometimes things aren’t in their control but they should give you another date ASAP. You could always contact PALS for help and if they can get you booked in soon

My lap last year was cancelled and I had to wait another month which took the total waiting time to around 9 months. Xxx

Sophiii in reply to princessk09

It’s honestly awful so stressful with work and stuff , I work in childcare so The family I work for are now going on holiday because of my op but now I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen so it’s like I’m gonna just have to take holiday anyway and when it comes to the op I’m just gonna have to have loads of time off unpaid it’s so rubbish. And so sorry that happend to you . And sorry what is PALS? Thanks xx

princessk09 in reply to Sophiii

PALS is a service within the nhs that helps with patient complaints and advice. Each hospital has a pals manager but they will be able to help and they have managed to get me earlier appointments and stuff like that. xx

Sophiii in reply to princessk09

Ok thanks hun I’m waiting to hear back today so I will defo ask them about that system ! Thankyou for your help xx


Yes, they are allowed to cancel, but they wouldn't have done so without a very good reason. There are a myriad of reasons for cancellation, there could've been an outbreak of a virus (e.g. norovirus) which would mean elective surgeries would likely be cancelled due to infection risk, the surgeon could be off sick and there isn't a skilled replacement for him, that's just a couple of reasons, there are others.

At least they've let you know a few days in advance, some don't get a phone call until the day of the operation, or worse, when they've already got to the hospital and are on the ward waiting. I know there's an impact on work, more so if you're self-employed, but wouldn't you rather know now than the day of the op? I would think they'll be calling you soon to book you in again. When they do, I'd say you're happy to take a cancellation appointment.

If you don't hear from them, call them. If that doesn't work, then try calling your GP and seeing if they can do anything to speed things up. PALS should always be a last resort, I know it's frustrating to have things delayed so close, and that you mentally prepared yourself for it happening in 4 days time, but there will be a very, very good reason for it being cancelled now.

Hope you get things sorted and another appointment comes through soon (and that it's not too far in the future). I'd definitely accept a cancellation if one is offered to you.

Claire xx

Sophiii in reply to Clairey007

Hi Claire thankyou for your message it’s bevause the anethesea doctor is not available for the morning clinic. It’s just frustrating because the afternoon clinic is still going ahead and surely my appointment was before but no it don’t work like that it’s terrible . But thanks for your advice Claire ! Xx

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