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5th Surgery- Laparotomy

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Hi Everyone, I’m come here looking for some advice on laparotomys as I’m due to have one in 2 weeks time. I’ve had 4 surgery’s on my endometriosis previously over the past 5 years however they have all been laparoscopic key hole with a recovery time of around 3 weeks each time . This time my specialist has said it needs to be open surgery ,a laparotomy, due to the deep endo around my peritoneum and around my bowels. He has also said I may need a colostomy bag for a few weeks after if extensive surgery on my bowel is needed. Has anyone experienced this and what was the recovery time like?

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi, sorry to hear you going through another opp. On a positive I can say my endo had spread to my bowel and I was told I may have a big cut and colostomy bag. I had 2 surgeons and I couldn’t believe my luck when I woke up to 3 tiny incisions. They managed to treat my endo and do a bowel shave. He said it’s the most work they have done through 3 incisions and I didn’t have a colostomy bag. I was off work 6/8 wks

Hope this helps abit 😘 x

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Ah that’s great news! That sure does make me feel more positive! Only a couple of days to go now. Thanks for getting back to me x

They said similar things to be but endo on my bowel was removed laparoscopically with no colostomy bag and just 4 small incisions :)

They always prepare you for the absolute worst possible case Scenario

Again thankyou for getting back to me that’s such good news. I’m just praying they can do it laparoscopically. Do you mind me asking how long the recovery period was for yourself? X

I was able to go back to school after 2 weeks and back to work after about 3-4 weeks. It took probably two months to really feel 100% though!

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