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Laparotomy Recovery,feeling amazing!! xx

Just a quick post to say how amazing I am feeling 6 weeks after a Laparotomy!! After being very frightened when I learned I would have a laparotomy rather than laparoscopy, I can honestly say that my recovery this time has been easier than when I had a laparoscopy (with tube and ovary removal) last year.

This time around I had 4 litres of fluid, the other tube, half of the other ovary, and my appendix removed, my adhesions cut, my pelvic wall repaired and my pelvic floor repaired and a pelvis wash to test for cancer, I was back at work within 2 weeks and now I feel fantastic!!

There are so many horror stories around but it really isnt that bad.

Massive thank you to GWH in Swindon, I'm very grateful for the brilliant care I received.

If I do need more surgery, i will ask for laparotomy over laparoscopy any day, I recovered SO fast :)

Good luck to all facing surgery xxx

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Really pleased you recovered well and quickly so nice to hear a positive story!!!x


Thank you x


Well that's great news!! I am newly diagnosed and no lap yet, but I live in Swindon so good to hear great things about GWH. I am currently under the Ridgeway in Wroughton, refered by gp so although it's private hospital it's all on NHS, not sure how long that will last so I'm sure il be back at GWH at some point!



If you do go to GWH, try to see if you can have Mr Cullimore, he's an incredible surgeon, the whole process was superb, the nurses are amazing and I can not thank them enough for everything they did for me. Good luck with your treatment, you'll know more after your lap, if you have a laparoscopy, peppermint tea bags are great for helping with the gas that can cause shoulder pain in the days afterwards. I also had 3 large cysts removed this time and being pain (and pressure) free after so long is brilliant, I really hope your treatment is soon and is effective xxx


Brilliant to hear such a good story. Thank you for sharing. xx


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