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CBD oil? Anyone knows if it really helps with endo pain.


Hi, I’m trying to find out if cbd oil actually helps with pain. I know we feel pain differently and what might work for some may not for others, but I want to have some idea to see how people have felt with it. Are there any side effects?

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Hi, Okay so Iv literally just had this convo with my GP I was asking her if it’s safe and if she think it will help. She told me that she had been to a seminar about it CBD oil last week for chronic pain and cancer patients. I’m going to try it and start tomorrow as I have blood tests in the morning and don’t think it will be a problem but il take it after just in case. So yeh she seams positive but also said she couldn’t say to much about it as silence doesn’t know the long term effects. As far as I believe no or little side effects. May make you a little sleepy but il let you know how I go on it over the next few days if you like.

Fantastic, thank you so much. I hope you get on well with it xx

Thanks il let you know xx

Abigail16 in reply to Hannah0091

Hey, would you mind letting me know how you get on with it? I’m seriously contemplating getting some myself and would really appreciate some feedback! I hope it helps you xx

Hi, okay so this is day 2 of CBD oil. And I feel that my pain is already reduced. I feel more calm anxious wise about my pain & illness. I feel more focused and generally more relaxed. Maybe this is due to the pain reduction. I still feel the pain a little bit no where near as much as I did I have come off my pain meds! Il let you know after a few more days x

Sounds like a great start. So happy that it’s working for you.

Going to see my new gp on Tuesday, just want to check that it won’t effect my other meds as I have a kidney problem and hypothyroidism. Hoping she’s open minded 🤞

Your good news fills me with a bit of hope though. Thank you for getting back to me xx

Can you buy this In shops or is it an online product?

Holland & Barrett sell it but it’s pricey so it might be worth waiting for a deal if u can they do tablet form (so the oil is in the tablet) or drops that I believe go in water or under the tongue. But you can also purchase online x

Cool thank you, I’ll check them out

I have started taking cbd, I vape it. I have 100mg oil and it takes the edge off. I know it’s expensive but it’s worth getting the stronger and more expensive stuff! Good luck

Moesha in reply to gabbiefawn

Hi does anyone know where I can buy cbd oil and how much is it thanks.

gabbiefawn in reply to Moesha

I got mine from a place called vsavi xx

Moesha in reply to gabbiefawn

Thank you x

Thank you x

I have friends who use it for arthritis and chronic joint pain and it works for them

I'm currently waiting a shipment of CBD oil bath bombs - I'm pretty much constantly in the bath so thought it was worth a try. I'll update when I try them 👍🏻

I take capsules as the oil doesn’t taste very nice. I take one capsule a day. I use blue edition from CBD brothers who are fantastic and offer different strengths and forms (fast delivery too) and have been using it for about 2 months. I have noticed a reduction in flare ups, joint pain and backache. I take a lot less painkillers now also. I recently run out and whilst waiting for my new pot to arrive had chronic backache again. I certainly wouldn’t be without it now

Hope this helps xx

I would certainly give it a go. I use Love CBD balm, Love CBD entourage oil and Simply CBD Gree n. Love CBD often offer samples so def worth contacting them. I've had bizarre effects with their entourage oil - if I take it I go from horrendously heavy periods to light within hours which helps the contraction pain. I wish to god I could take it 3 times a day but it's quite strong and exacerbates my anxiety so I'm currently just taking it at bedtime. I'm on a lot of meds due to endo, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, blood pressure, antidepressant due to ptsd, oh and ranitidine as endo NSAIDs damaged by digestive tract (hence the search for an NSAIDs substitute). You need to leave gaps away from meds as cbd can decrease or increase how long they stay in the liver. I've been taking Simply CBD Green for 7 months - massively helped anxiety and depression - reduced antidepressants by half while on it but feel I now need a stronger dose for pain but low levels help anxiety so it's a catch 22. Do lots of research - Facebook group Simply CBD Users is very informative. I knocked off taking Green for a month due to norovirus then antibiotics for throat infection. Endo hit last week and I felt much worse than I have, intense nausea returned. Not nice but it has made me realise the 3 drops of Simply Green 2-3 times a day depending on how often I can fit it in was doing more than I thought for contraction style pain and sickness. Start low and slow, drink lots of water and research loads. Good luck! Xx

Weve had it in the states for awhile. I have been taking it for about a year and I've found I can cut my pain med dosage in half by supplementing with CBD. Also helps with some other symptoms like nausea. I take 20 mg capsules. Find it at your local health food store/organic market. Hope this helps!

I smoke hemp and then I take CBD oil with it so I get almost instant relief and it is suppose to last longer with those together

Hey, Iv been taking it for 5 days now & working very well my pain is reduced and feel like I can physically do more, however it makes me more tired but il take that over pain if I’m honest xx


I’m going to try it. Would you mind letting me know where you get yours from? There are so many types and strengths.

Spoke to new gp- can honestly say a chocolate teapot is more helpful- at least I’d get a sugar high! She just wants to up the codeine even though it makes me nauseous and light headed.

Haha! I get mine from Holland and Barrett the 10mg ones I think they about £35 for 60 capsules. Oh dear yeh not ideal. Would she be willing to look at other drugs maybe something different xx

No, she said “did I want to be in pain, or take the codeine?”

I’ve ordered the capsules and shall await their arrival as not allowed to drive yet.

Thank you so much for sharing how it’s been for you, really appreciate it xx

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