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Does the implant really help endo symptoms?

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advise on the implant and your personal experiences with it? My gynaecologist wants to put me in the implant but I'm a bit wary as I've heard mixed things so far and I react badly to the pill so I worry that the implant will do the same and I don't think I could handle feeling any worse than I do already! I'm 27 and suffer from stage 4 endo with it mainly affecting my bowel and womb, my womb and bowel have become fused together and I suffer a lot of bowel symptoms, especially gas, nausea, acid reflux and tummy upset in the morning. The main thing I'm wondering is, will the implant possibly help these symptoms as right now the bowel symptoms are ruining my life and are actually worse than my pain right now. Any advise or hearing your personal experiences would be great! Thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂

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With your age and the extensive stuff going on with you,i wldnt do it.

It will simply create a hormonal imbalance,which is something you dont need-anymore bleeding.

I know you mentioned you cant tolerate the pill.

What ones have you tried?

Microgynan,brevinor and levlen are all old school pills,none of those newer hormones in them and are progesterone dominant which is what you need.

My other question is are you going to a specialist treatment centre over there to unfuse the bowel and uterus?

I would be thinking that if there is a problem inside the uterus nothing will work to stop the bleeding until you sort that out.

Let us know about any plans for surgery,

Kind regards


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Hi Rose, thanks so much for your reply and your advise. I have tried microgynan, ovranette, Yasmin and a couple of others but can't remember the names of them. The pill makes me feel very nauseous and I even throw it up sometimes. I am going to a specialist centre and they want to do a surgery to separate my bowel and uterus. However they said to have a good think about wether I want to go ahead with it as it is a higher risk combined surgery. My regular gynaecologist even told me not to go ahead with it if I can avoid it because the risks are higher so I'm having a hard time deciding wether to go ahead with it. I'm meant to be going for an appointment at the specialist centre near me soon to discuss the surgery further and see what other options I have right now. Currently I'm taking the natural treatment route with the endo diet and going to the gym and have also just started a natural supplement called Endovan as I've heard some great things about it so thought I'd give it a try! Fingers crossed it helps in some way at least!



I had a think about this and even at my age,42 i wld get the surgery done.

At your age it would be a definate.

Put it this way,you mentioned your quality of life with the bowel symptoms and pain is non existant.

So that means that you might have to live like this for say, 50 years.

The uterus might shut down earlier,sure,but its actually the bowel pains you cant live with.

That sort of chronic inflammation if left unattended will set up other problems such as reflux and ulcers,which the reflux is already starting.

I think you will come through this ok even with the risk.

There is a risk to everything we do in life and to have success in something is to take a risk.

You must give the surgery a go.

I agree with taking the natural way as much as you can.

But it might come to the use of heavy painkillers if you dont give the surgery a go and your stomach wont like that long term.

Look at the long term,when making your decisions.

Kind regards


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That is very true about everything having a risk! I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should go ahead with the surgery in the near future. Thanks for your advise! Means a lot!


Hi Emmy

I'm currently in the same predicament as yourself. So feel your pain/anxiety.

Have my appointment on Friday with my consultant to discuss invasive surgery. Terrified!

It is such a difficult decision to make.consultant previously stated 90% chance it will help with pain so seems good odds.

On Cerzette currently which has helped reduced pain but not completely. Hate the way it makes me feel. Crying on minute, ranting the next. 17dys bleeding last month.

Had success with Endo diet for several years then symptoms spiraled. Have been looking into natural progesterone cream. After reading about Dr Lee(Californian dr).

Let's hope we can both find some solutions and quickly.

Best of luck and keep me posted


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Hi Bee, thanks for you reply! In some ways it does help to know that we're not alone. I'll have a read about the progesterone cream. There definitely seems to be a quite a few pros and cons with the pill from hearing others experiences and going off my own. Best of luck at your appointment on Friday! Keep me posted on how it goes! X


Thanks Emmy x

It helps to share findings and treatments or just to lend an understand ear xx

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No problem.

With progesterone or any other form of birth control it will not do much for extensive endo that needs to be excised.

Birth control works best after it has been thoroughly excised.

It will then stop new deposits forming and may help kill off small deposits if left behind.

Birth control before that will only really help with the pain and eventually if extensive,the pain will take over again.

Be careful of the bio organic progesterone cream.

Eventually because it goes in through layers of skin,you build it up in fat cells and it will cause an imbalance that will cause bleeding and other symptoms.

It is not approved for these type of symptoms and will not kill off large amounts of endo.

Both of you should do the surgery.

These are organs that cannot be replaced and you dont want this to get any worse.

The other stuff like pills etc.will work best afterwards.

Dont be scared of surgery,its better to tackle the problem head on.

Kind regards



Hi Rose

Thanks for the info.

Always helps to get as much information as possible.

I do think surgery is the best option, but as my Endo is in the para rectal space and RV, Ligaments and in my consultants words 'Everywhere'. I'm therefore pretty overwhelmed by it all.

Would you mind if I ask you your personal experience?

What questions would you ask concerning surgery?

Thanks in advance for any tips or guidance

Best wishes x



Mine was on the ligaments,pouch of douglas bowel and bladder.

Thankfully it was able to be scraped off those organs and the rest excised.

It is overwhelming and scary and still is,even after surgery.

I would be definately making sure they can get this all at the time.

Make sure you find out what specialists will be there and how they intend to do this.

Find out if the uterus can be saved and if its in good shape.

You just dont want to be closed up again with endo still in there and go on the merry go round again.

It will come back quickly if they dont take it all.

Talk to them about pain relief for when you come out from this and first at home.

Make sure your given antibiotics when you first come around through your drip.

Im so they do,but know your stuff and what will happen and you will feel more in control.

Kind regards



Hi Rose

Sounds like you've had a rough journey yourself.

Shame diet isn't the cure... I spent many years gluten free and cut down on everything else. It helps reducing inflamation for sure. Turmeric, ginger and supplements all relieve symptoms. I rarely have cramps where I would pass out anymore. But your right it doesn't stop the disease from progressing. I have also been diagnosed with Adenomyosis mildly but as my womb is retroverted, I believe it may have helped to spread the disease to rv septum. I really don't want a hysterectomy at 41. Plus I have a large fibroid on the outside, so sadly I might be just postponing the inevitable.

Did you suffer from chronic back pain with Endo on your ligaments

Thanks rose for finding the time to share your experience with this dreadful disease and lending and ear. Sorry to bombard you with so much info.

I do hope you're feeling better from your surgery and managing to be realitively pain free. X

Best wishes, love and respect x



Just checked back to see if you had written.

I did notice some pains in the groin area and hip with that ligament.

Not so much back pain that is usually more an ovary.

I know how you feel im nearly 42 and didnt want to lose the uterus either.

Im lucky i dont have adeno its in good order so far.

I had 3 curettes where they scrape the uterus out and in hindsight,as much as i didnt like those surgeries at 34,36 and 37 they probably saved my uterus without me knowing about the endo.they were for heavy bleeding and a fibroid.

The fibroid should be able to come out without harming the uterus,mine did.

Mild adeno may continue to give you some trouble in the uterus,but contraception might help that for awhile,when you come out from surgery.

Those ligaments can be a real bitch to heal when you come out as they are so sensitive to work done on them.

It makes you think its back,but its not its just in use a lot when you walk and takes time to heal.

You are very smart about the retroverted uterus.

It is tilting backward and may have caused it to fall in that area.

We all have some degree of tilt,so its not abnormal.

Mine is currently antegrated,which means its tilting forward over the bladder.

Whichever way you have it,can apparently be hereditory,or due to lifestyle factors,such as childbirth or your pelvic muscles,they sag a bit with age.

Did you know it can change back to another position,depending on circumstances?

Its not by any means a problem yet.

If they are good at what they do,they will save the uterus for a bit and get all this sorted.

Do you have kids as yet?

Rose xx


Hi Rose

No I have no children.

I have been on the pill on and off for 20yrs!!

Not from choice.. Believe me. It was that or unemployment!

Took 12yrs to be diagnosed.

A very long and depressing journey. My original gynae was useless. Never took me too seriously.

Thankfully I have an experienced surgeon from endo centre who would be treating me now.

So onwards and upwards

How about yourself? Any kids?

It would be nice But I think it might be too late on that front.

Try not to spend too much time entertaining that thought.

Anyhow thanks again for the shoulder.

Take care my love x

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No kids either mate,not wanting any.

I think it wld be selfish of me,given these problems now.

It wld just cause more stress on my husband and our lives in general.

I wld prefer to be healthy to undertake that,as nobody wants to drag themselves around with a poor child in tow.

I can barely get out of bed now!

But thats just my thoughts,hats off to those that push through this and conceive.

Im always happy for anyone and their own personal choices.

Happy to give advice either way.

Rose xx

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Hey Rose

I'll keep it short as must be late now.

Just keep strong and hope you have some better days a head of you. Thanks for all your words of support, much appreciated xxx

Hope you get a good nights rest xx

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Hi Rose, endo is definitely a condition where it helps to be educated about it so I really appreciate you taking the time to give so much advise and info on it! Means a lot! Thanks for the heads up on the progesterone cream, I think I will steer clear of that with what you have said! It sounds like you've had a rough journey, I hope you start to feel better now! You mentioned that you have endo on your bowel, I wondered do you suffer from bowel symptoms? If so did you find that surgery helped relieve some of these symptoms?



Yes,looking back,i did have trouble completely emptying bowels at period time,with pain in the rear area.

The surgery has completely fixed that feeling.

I was also emptying the bladder more often,with pain during emptying.

Fixed that also mate.

It was worth it,i thought



That's good to hear! I'm pleased the surgery helped your symptoms. It's also encouraging to know that. If I could get rid of some of these bowel symptoms then surgery would be totally worth it! My main bowel problem right now is that I'm so sensitive to so many foods, literally anything can give me a stomach upset which makes getting on with life awkward and unpleasant as I feel nauseous also when I have a stomach upset. I love food too so really miss being able to actually enjoy food. When I eat I'm always aware of feeling worried about getting a stomach upset, especially when I go out to eat with friends and stuff! Thanks again for your help! X


Google natural progesterone cream-patient info beware and it comes up with what happens with this natural cream when you dont need progesterone uptake and you use it.

Rose xx


Its going to be a long surgery,yes.

But its not insurmountable.

You will be asleep while they do all the work.

Dont panic so much about the tetm everywhere.

Try and think of it this way,it just means they will be very busy and you will be napping!

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