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4 weeks using CBD oil- really helping


I posted a couple of weeks ago about the benefits I had with using CBD oil. It was really helping with my sleep but my pain wasn't any different. I suffer from really bad lower back pain, which is there all month and can be really crippling at times. I've been using the oil 4 weeks now and I was told it can take a while before pain can reduce and now, at 4 weeks, I'm really noticing an improvement. I thought this would be helpful to share in case people have tried for a few weeks and given up- maybe you needed longer. I still have some pain but it's at a much lower level.

Kind of ironic given that I will EVENTUALLY be meeting with the endo specialist on monday!

Hopefully someone else can get some benefit from this too. x

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Hi 😊 this is so good to hear! It's always good to find something that works. I've been looking into using CBD oil but I'm still undecided. What brand/strength do you use? X

weekari in reply to Ericaa42

I know. I've been researching and trying things for such a long time now but this has really been the only think that I've had any benefit from.

I got mine from a small company called We Thrive Wellbeing. The woman who runs it is really helpful and great at answering any questions.

Good luck with it.


Hi Weekari its great to hear from you again.

So glad the oil is breaking through for you.

Im going to start it too soon.

Hold back on telling anyone medical about your relief and tbh if they prescribe a better painkiller accept and fill it, you may need to use it ay some point.

I wouldn't mention the oil as many are sceptics.

Im on Pregabalin just under 3 weeks now and like you its just picking up a pace for me at 2 x 75mg per day.

I dont have any weird side effects but have slowed down on the other pain killers considerably, no co codemol use and just the odd top up of ibuprofen.

I like you have back pain thats left flank and coxics in its origin and practically there every day.

Its not gone but its turned down considrrably.

Best wishes and thank you.


I've had those exact thoughts about whether to tell the consultant about using the oil and whether to say its helping. I worry they'll be like, great that's you managed now, if you pop!

I'm still not really functioning properly it's just now I don't feel like I can't cope with it, which is obviously a huge improvement bit still not how I want to live my life. I still couldn't manage working or socialising normally.

That's great you're getting a bit more relief. I've read some recommendations about taking the oil alongside other meds, I think it's just about timings. I hope you find it useful. The great thing is, no side effects!


I couldnt put it into better words, the way you are now is like how I am feeling the past week...Im nagged no where near as much by the gnashing gnawing back flank pain. Pain is 'tuened down' my mood is better because I was literally talking like having way out wouldn't bother me I was so sore I wanted the bed to literally sandwich me in and swallow me up.

I hated that I was feeling like that. Im a bit ashamed but this pain had me at the end of my tollerance.

I canx Christmas no cooking Im a guest for the 1st time in years and Im actually quite ok with it.

Weekari am I right that you were a quite recent hysterectomy too?

I could have sworn I saw you post in the past on the subject.

Im now 9 months past it and feel my pain is probably the bowel endometriosis.


Great news!

I've been on it for 8 weeks now. To be honest it took around 4-6 weeks to feel the effects. I have far less joint pain but, other pain is still pretty bad. I've realised a huge improvement to my mood and well-being and when you've got a bit of a mojo, coping with the rest is a little easier! I also take 400mg of organic turmeric twice a day-really good for mood and inflammation. I am also on letrozole/pregabalin as I have severe post-menopausal Endo.

My consultant is great-really supports CBD oil though he can't prescribe it!

So pleased to hear it is helping you-I dare not stop taking it now!

Best wishes,Clare xx

HellyLlewelly in reply to CJR99

Love your tumeric reccommendation Claire xxx

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