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CBD Oil and Endometriosis


Hi, does anybody on here take CBD oil to help with endo pain? I bought some today from Holland and Barrett as many people has said it helped with endo pain for them.

Does anybody else use it? Do you find it helps?

Thanks :)

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Hey there, sorry to ear you are in so much pain . Yes I take it, I can’t say it’s helped with pain so much, but I’m certainly in a better place in my head to deal with it, if that makes sense? I hope you get some peace from the pain soon. I’m having a full hysterectomy next spring and I’ve never looked forward to major surgery more 😂😂


Nat21 in reply to Roydlass

Hi, thanks for responding I’m hoping it helps with pain and I get dizziness with it too. Glad it helped you!

Hope your surgery goes well xx

Hi Nat,

Yes I'm taking CBD. I'm taking this one which is equivalent to the H&B one but has added CBDA which is good for pain and inflammation: simply-cbd.co.uk/product/si... and a hell of a lot cheaper if you find the H&B one useful and continue using cbd. I've been researching so much lately and there's a fab Facebook private group called Simply CBD Users. You can discuss any brand and 23,000 users on there advise you plus fantastic admins. I was lost before finding the group as I didn't know what I was doing and started out on too high a dose. You can post any questions on there and/or if you see anyone commenting on Simply CBD Green know that's the same as the H&B one but with added CBDA. Annoyingly due to extreme stress and erratic blood pressure of late I had to cut back on the drops as I just couldn't fit them in with all the other meds I'm taking (lots of conditions I'm battling). I'm going to do a post on here about my experiences with cbd in a couple of months once the full effects take place but for now I can tell you this is what I've experienced...

Started out on 800mg entourage oil from Love CbD for about 4 weeks but I was pretty haphazard with taking it, switched to Simply CBD Green 250 2 weeks prior to period after discovering you're meant to start low and slow. Within days I felt more grounded and less anxious (I'm on antidepressants for ptsd depression and panic attacks). I'd already experienced gobsmacking results with Love CBD balm for endo related back pain, sciatica and moderate ovary pain (where I would have needed to take ibuprofen). The balm works immediately- with the drops you need to take them 2 hrs away from most meds and 4 hrs away from anything that reacts with grapefruit (blood pressure meds, antidepressants, etc) but with the balm and vape you can use it whenever as it doesn't go via the liver. Due to very bad stomach lining, digestive tract damage and inhaling stomach acid into the airways causing an asthma attack (all caused by NSAIDs) I had to go through my first endo flare in 20 years without nsaids, codeine and tramadol. I have stage 4 severe pain so I was pretty damn terrified. Between Nurofen Ibuprofen 200mg 24hr transdermal patch and taking 3 drops a day of CBD Green, regularly applying the balm and using a cbd vape I managed to take no oral painkillers except paracetamol (2 hot water bottles back and front also). The vape I used was Simply CBD Moon. I found it very effective for relaxation and helping me get to sleep during pain. A lot of people use it as a top up for pain relief but I'm still experimenting with it. My period was a hell of a lot lighter and seemed 'healthier'. I usually get a lot of dark blood, this time was noticeably bright red and more 'normal'. I usually have to take anti-sickness meds throughout. This time nausea did kick in at the beginning and then disappeared. No horrific pain that causes me to black out. A lot less bloating. It's early days so don't want to promise too much to others but to say it's been interesting is an understatement.

What I'd suggest is really educating yourself on cbd and how to use it. The drops are a bit like supplements and take time to build up. Quite often it seems people feel noticeable effects after 5-8 weeks and then gradually build up to a stronger oil. For me this month I would say it's replaced tramadol and codeine and anti sickness drugs (tho it could have been a coincidence) but I do wish I could still take an anti inflammatory (ibuprofen/naproxen etc) to be able to get on with the day. I am recommending the balm to everyone. If you go on Love CBD site and contact them they sometimes have free samples so def worth asking them and trying it. I would also definitely join the Facebook group Simply CBD Users and have a good browse/ask questions. It's so frustrating that cbd is helping so many people but due to laws it can only be advertised as a food supplement and companies are not allowed to advise on pain control etc so it's down to users to educate each other.

Good luck and feel free for to get in touch if you have any questions but as I say it's pretty early (interesting!) days for me so the best bet would be to join the Simply CBD Users group and get guidance from the 23,000 users on there. They've been incredibly helpful and friendly regarding my endless questions ;) xx

Nat21 in reply to poppy75

Hi Poppy75 thanks so much for all the advice I really appreciate it. It sounds like it’s really helped you I’m on H&B lowest atm 2.75% I’m hoping that it works as the only medication that works is codeine and the doctors don’t really want me on it because of my age as it can become addictive so I’m hoping the CBD oil is going to help x

poppy75 in reply to Nat21

You're welcome. I think it's really promising regarding using cbd instead of codeine or tramadol but it will take time so for the moment continue to use codeine but make sure your cbd drops are taken 2hrs away from codeine. Hopefully as time goes on you'll find you can reduce the codeine. Def get the Love CBD balm as you can massage that in whenever you like. Hopefully you can get a free sample to try it first.

The oil you've got is a decent starter oil. It takes time to wake up the system and then you gradually increase doses and strength until you get to a sweet spot for your particular issues. So it's great to start off with and use this time to educate yourself on how to increase strengths.

I was going to send you a few charts I took screenshots of explaining cbda and the other components and what they're helpful with but there's no option to add photos on here. Feel free to private message me if you like with your email and I'll send them over. Otherwise you can find them all on the Simply CBD Users Facebook group if you join that.

Good luck! I almost gave up after starting on too strong a cbd. It was the immediate effect of the balm that made me persevere and research more and I'm so glad I have xx

Nat21 in reply to poppy75

Thanks So much for all your advice I will private message you if that’s ok? I have a few questions lol xx

I take 3% CBD raw oil - it contains CBDa which is supposed to help reduce endo inflammation, although there’s not much research about it yet.

From my experience CBD oil works very well for endo pain, better than regular painkillers. The difference for me is that painkillers only take the edge off the pain but CBD oil eliminates all the pain.

Just this morning I woke due to horrible cramping, took 4 drops of oil, 5 minutes later the pain dissipated and I could sleep again. Another plus is that CBD oil doesn’t upset my stomach like the painkiller tablets. One scary thing I have noticed when taking copious amounts of painkillers is that it triggers mood swings that last for a week. I have now experienced it a few times so I am fairly sure it’s the pills that are to blame. Even my husband has noticed a change in me after I have taken painkillers, he said it’s as if I had a personality change - paranoid, anxious, aggressive. I cannot even describe how awful it feels - I feel all the abovementioned feelings and feel trapped and unable to control it. It’s quite scary.

I absolutely recommend trying CBD. If one brand doesn’t work, try another, some aren’t very good quality.

Nat21 in reply to zerendipity

Thanks very much for responding, what’s the difference between CBD and CBDA oil? I’m on ordinary CBD is that the one you take? I’m glad it’s helped you a lot :) x

zerendipity in reply to Nat21

This explains it really well


Nat21 in reply to zerendipity

Thank you :) x

Hi, I have heard of this, but never tried it to date. Hoping you find relief of pain as then it’s easier to cope on a daily business.

Think I will give it a go 😊

Nat21 in reply to Whirlygig44

Thank you! I’ve heard it doesn’t work straight away but I’m willing to give it a go, I suffer really bad with pelvic pain so hoping it works for me x

Hi, I've just started taking CBD oil. I did a bit of research and didn't hear great things about the Holland and barrett oil- mostly that it was very expensive for the strength you're buying and so people weren't getting the same level of benefits.

I've just started using a 10% oil. Apparently it's really important to not overload your system so it's best to start using a small dose and build up a little by adding an extra drop to the dose each week. So I've just started on one drop in the morning and one at night. Although it's supposed to take a while to build up in the system, I did notice an improvement in my sleep last night (I have trouble sleeping due to endo related back pain).

I'd also read that there are 2 main types of plan ussed for CBD oil and they give quite different effects for most people (though it can be an individual thing so trial and error is needed). There's the satvia and indica types, with the satvia being a bit more stimulating so typically good for depression and low energy and indica being more calming so better for pain, anxiety and sleep. I started on the indica as it's more the pain management I need.

I hope this is helpful and you're finding the oil is helping you.

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