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1st diagnostic lap today and I’m on my period!!!

I have my 1st diagnostic lap today...due in the day clinic at 12.30. I didn’t sleep well last night and I’ve woken up to a headache/muscle aches and burns, needing the toilet and my period a few days early.

I’m guessing it’s still ok to have my surgery as I’d only bleed after anyway?!

Is it going to help them find endo if it’s there?

I was doubting my symptoms until a week back when the familiar right sided stabbing pains started 🤦🏼‍♀️

Thanks for any advice in advance xx

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I know my consultant said it didn't matter just make sure your stocked up when you get home with lots of nutritious food and sport drinks to keep you going. I came on my period 4 days after my lap and I'm on day 6 which I think has knocked me back a bit as the pain had been awful with bad cramps. Try and stay calm, and when you come out later on today just look after yourself it takes it out of us all Differently, mine has been tiredness, anxiety and dizziness. Not to much pain (apart from the gas pain in first few days) but I think I reacted badly to the anesthesia and pain meds as feeling Alot better now they are completely out of my system and just taking ibuprofen now and again. I made the mistake by getting up to much and trying to do things day 1 to 3 just let someone look after you ❤️❤️it's not nice but it's worth getting the answers. Please let me know how you get on later and if you need someone to talk too Im happy to talk you through your first few days as I needed reassurance also xxxxxx


Thank you so much for your lovely reply. I know from previous surgeries I don’t ready too well to the anaesthetic so I’m prepared for that, I’ll send the hubby out for a few extra supplies for some smoothies perhaps.

I have my peppermint tea and heat packs at the ready too.

I feel like I’m going to struggle not doing too much too soon but I’ll try to restrain myself.

Hope your recovery continues to go well and you feel a little better soon. I’ll update and let you know how it goes 🤞🏻 Xx


I ended up with a really heavy period the day before my laparoscopy last November. I had to wear a pad into theatre which the kindly nurse dealt with. Don't worry to much. Just tell the nurses. Hopefully you'll wake up to some answers later today x


Thank you, I did just call and they said make sure I’m weating a pad and not a tampon.....I can’t bare to wear a tampon anyway. Thanks for the comment and fingers crossed x


Update**** Lap complete and all went well, my gynae said she saw no endometriosis which surprised me but I did have adhesions which were sticking my uterus to an old c-section scar so she removed the adhesions and some old scaring.

She said sometimes adhesions can cause similar pain to endo especially when it’s limiting movement of the uterus so fingers crossed healing goes well and I’m relieved of the pain I’ve been getting.

I’ll know more when I get my letter but for now I’ve been discharged back to my gp and to go back if I have any more pain as it could be that the pain is from my bowels also.

I’m getting a little gas pain so far, wounds have bleed a little bit nothing major.....I’m getting pain along my old c-section scar when I have a full bladder and find I can’t stand straight until I’ve emptied my bladder.....so at so good but I guess tomorrow could be different once the pain meds have worn off xx


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