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Tranexamic acid

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Literally just starting taking these tablets today, took my first two.

I don’t know how to describe it but I feel weird. My head is strange and I feel a bit nauseous.

I don’t know if this is normal or if I’m over worrying and creating problems - I got concerned when online it said don’t take whilst on the contraceptive pill as it increases your chance of developing a blood clot.

Well I am on microgygnon and my doctor knows this and still prescribed it so surely it should be ok?

5 Replies
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Make sure you take these with or after food. If you took them on an empty stomach that could explain your nausea.

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I tried them years ago to help with flooding but they made me really light headed so I had to stop them. I don't think I was on the combined pill at the time though because that didn't give a normal period so not as heavy.

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I currently take these and couldn't live without them i have no side effects from them and without them i would be bed bound the first day of my period i only need to take them the 1st day or two of my period never the full five days

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I am on the same pill as you and I was also prescribed them to try, however I ended up the same as you feeling a bit weird and even more nauseous than normal, they actually made me feel really unwell so I never took them again as they didn’t make my period lighter anyway.

At the time of prescribing them my doctor said as long as I didn’t get side effects they would be ok to take while on the pill but they just really didn’t agree with me.

Maybe try them for a few days and see if you get used to them and if they actually help you before you start worrying too much x

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Definitely take with food. I used to get really nauseous if I took them on an empty stomach. I don't take them anymore as I'm on birth control and this has helped my bleeding but before I needed them to get through first 3 days of period as my bleeding was so heavy it made leaving the house difficult for fear of flooding or leaking. I was still heavy on them but more manageable so really struggled without them.

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