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tranexamic acid and Coil ?

hello all...

wondering if anyone has the mirena coil fitted and is suffering like I am.

I know its only being three weeks, but im in constant paid and the bleeding (sorry tmi) is not easing up.

Ive being back to the gyno, all is fine and it is where its supposed to be with no infection, but they said this could last for 3-6 months.

Its already interfering with work, looking after my own child, moods and my relationship. I feel so down :(

Can you take tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding?


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I had the coil it's now taken out because it didn't agree with my body at all.

The whole time I was taking tranexamic acid and utovlan to stop the bleeding. It's safe to take xx


that is very good news... to know I can take it, not that you had problems.

Did that stop the bleeding? or at least reduce it?

I feel after the agreed 3 months i'll be asking for mine out xx


It didn't stop my bleeding .. But many women find it does help. I had my coil fitted June last year .. Had it out in March as I had nothing but problems xx


I had exact ally the same issues as you. I was told regathering unsympathetically at my 6 week check up that it could take up to 6 months to work. But I could help myself to as many free condoms as I liked!!

My GP then advised that I restart my pill, as well as having the coil, which made things a bit more bearable. I have had prostrap injections, but still don't think my coil works as it should.

Hope things are getting better for you



Sorry for asking. But did the pill stop or at least give you a few days off bleeding. I can't imagine going 6 months without constant bleeding.

It's going to put a strain on me mentally and physically. My boyfriend has being amazing but I can't go 6 months without being intimate with him. It'll drive me crazy!, lol


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