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Waiting list for laparoscopy 8 months!!! Anyone else had similar wait?

I chased waiting time today from being put on laperoscopy waiting list in December for suspected endo.

I got told the waiting time is approx 8 months. I couldn't believe it!!! I've been in pain everyday since October 2017 and the thought of that is so depressing. She says she will put me on cancellations list but I just felt she was fobbing me off. It's a nightmare 😩

Anyone else had similar issue?

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Hi yes I got put on the 12 week waiting list which is “urgent” in my area, 6 months later and after several calls to medical secretaries and GP letters I was never offered a date for my laparoscopy. I had to go private. It was not an easy decision as it’s expensive and I am entitled to NHS care.

It’s an absolute nightmare trying to get a date for surgery, I sympathise as you can’t move on with life. If like me you are in so much pain etc ... all you want is a date for a lap x

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That's so bad you were on an urgent referral and nothing was done. It's disgraceful. I've thought about it today and I'm going to make an enquiry tomorrow at a private hospital as I've already been in a&e twice recently so the thought of just endlessly waiting for nhs is not ok.

It's horrible when you just can't do normal things anymore! I can't excercise anymore and get days where I can hardly walk.

Each month goes by the pain gets worse and my stomach is constantly swollen.

I've looked online for going private and the waiting list is 2-3 weeks so I'm definitely going to enquire tommorw. I've had enough of waiting with no answers. Xx

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Make sure you see a specialist who is BSGE, you should get a detailed description of each consultant on the private websites. I was offered a consultation the next week then had my lap 2 weeks after that. It’s so quick! x


Thanks so much for the advice. I have found 2 bsge specialists. Have emailed them to see what the cost will be. Hopefully will hear back tomorrow 🙂


Great ;). Hope things start moving for you x


Thanks 🙂 Xx


Hey glitter fairy 🧚‍♀️

Us women have to endure the rotten pain of endo and try get through normal day life so I don’t blame you on wanting this sorted quicker, unfortunately the nhs is struggling a lot and some areas are worse than others. I lived in Watford in 2015 was referred to a consultant in October and had my first lap in December, then I had my tubes removed in February after that which was schudualed by my surgeon who said they were in such a state they needed to come out, so I found it all very quick in the Hertfordshire area, then I moved to Bedford last October and went to my gp with the same familiar pains was referred to ultrasound and low and behold I’ve now a chocolate cyst on the left ovary causing pain and I seen the consultant in July and I’m having my op 8th Feb so it’s 8 months in this area! Where in the country are you xx


Hi. There is such a shortage on nhs so I do understand they are struggling. It's just so hard when been in constant pain for so long and you think your getting somewhere and then it's another long wait! I'm in the Sussex area.

Looking to go private now as just can't take it anymore. Waiting for an enquiry to see what costs are and have heard you can have op in 2 weeks going private so will wait and see.

It might be worth asking hospital to go on cancellations list as there could be a chance you could be seen sooner. That's what they said to me but not sure how that works with the waiting list Xx


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