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Miscarriage Worries

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Hi all,

I found that I was unexpectedly pregnant last week. Husband and I weren’t trying but didn’t use contraception one night so here we are! I’m thrilled with the news as was told that we would struggled to conceive naturally.

I was diagnosed with Endo in 2011 and have had 3 laps to treat 3 endometriomas and remove endometriosis - the last surgery being in spring 2014. I also had 2 courses of Gonapeptyl post-op in 2012 and 2013 to reset everything. Haven’t had any issues since; had my Mirena removed in 2016 as it was causing me long bleeds but declined any other hormonal contraceptives as I wanted to give my body a break. Periods have been light ever since and have had the odd painful period.

I was diagnosed in May with a 2cm endometrioma following some bowel symptoms. I was re-scanned in Sept and the size hadn’t changed. Gynae did an internal exam also but said he couldn’t feel any nodules in my vaginal passage so felt I wasn’t flaring up and was reluctant to remove the endometrioma surgically due to size and the fact I was having barely any symptoms.

I’m currently 5+3 along in my pregnancy but am worried that I am at higher risk of miscarriage due to endometriosis even though everything has settled down and I’m largely symptom free and have been for 4 years.

Looking for some reassurance really! Trying to take things day by day but feels like a lifetime until I’ll get to have a scan to check the baby.

Thanks x

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I unexpectedly fell pregnant in 2010 after being told I can’t have IVF due to stage 4/5 endo and large endometrioma. It was tough at the start as I had a lot of pain and then severe nausea. I went to the early pregnancy unit at 6 weeks and then weekly until 9 weeks due to my issues and they were so lovely & reassuring.

Please try to relax & possibly enjoy the possibility of a new life. Once Christmas has settled give them a call & I’m sure they will book you in.

Best wishes & I have everything 🤞🏻 that you get a beautiful baby at the end.

First of all congratulations lovely news 🙂

I also have endometriosis, unsure of my stage but did have 3 laps last by an endo specialist within 13 months. I had 2 after my chemical pregnancy last year.

It took us nearly 6 years of trying to find the issue- endometriosis was eventually diagnosed.

I’m 18 weeks pregnant following my last surgery in July. I could’ve written this post myself in the early weeks. It was tough the early weeks. Time went so slowly but is flying now!

The best advice I can give is take it one day at a time- “ today I am pregnant, tomorrow I might not be but today I am & I will be happy . “ It worked well for me ( until I spotted but scans showed all was fine with baby & reassured me)

I’m still nervous now but better than I was. Having scans & hearing baby’s heartbeat really help.

Just remember more pregnancies make it then don’t.

All the best with your pregnancy. ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

Just wanted to update and let you know that my pregnancy continued successfully and I had my little boy, Kit, at the start of September.

Feel blessed that I was able to have him despite my long history with endometriosis. Particularly grateful to my surgeon, whom I feel really did wonders to get the disease to a much more manageable stage.

Such good to read lots of ya worry about conception congratulations x

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Congratulations what a wonderful outcome. I must admit I enjoy every second with my miracle and she’s now 8.

Enjoy your miracle I’m sure he’s precious in every way c

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