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Endometrioma on left ovary

Hi all, I am a new member. After suffering with symptoms for more than 10 years I have recently found out that I have suspected endometriosis after an ultrasound has shown an 8cm endometrioma on my left ovary. I am now waiting for an appointment to see a gynaecologist. Doctor said that although at 8cm it is quite large, consultants may decide to leave it rather than remove. Obviously this thing is causing me a considerable amount of pain (especially when ovulating and time of the month). Has anybody else had a cyst a similar size which has just been left? I haven't had a laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis, the only reason I know I have it is because of the endometrioma and endometriosis symptoms which I've had for years. Any advice much appreciated!

Would also like to say that I have 1 healthy little girl aged 19 months, I conceived her exactly 2 months after suffering a 'missed miscarriage' and D&C (removal of miscarriage). May of taken YEARS to actually fall pregnant but it can happen. She held on tight!! She's my little blessing. Thanks xox

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Hi raaraa, not sure if this will be helpful but I had a 10cm endometrioma which was removed. It was said that any cyst larger than 6 cm should be removed.

In my case as well, the endometrioma was what made them realise of the endo despite having symptons for 12 years.

I am really happy for you that you have been able to have you small miracle.




Hi Someone, thanks for your reply. When they removed your cyst; because it was so large did they find severe endometriosis? Kind of wondering if the size of the cyst you have relates to the severity of the endometriosis you have? Thank you, after reading about women who have struggled to conceive due to endometriosis I feel very lucky to have her. X


Hi, I have severe endo.

My understanding is that the classification was done considering the damage I had in my bowel and all the adhesions in the pouch of Douglas. Not because of the endometrioma as it.

Hope you can get a second medical opinion regarding surgery. I actually noticed mine because I felt something jumping inside of me whilst running and later pain when walking...



That is scary that you noticed it when running, thank god you did. I do worry about it bursting. Did they operate on you fairly quickly because of the size of it? I am convinced the endo has attached itself to my bowel because of certain symptoms I have. From what I'm hearing if you have a large cyst it is likely you will have a considerable amount of endo growing inside you. I have never felt mine just unbearable pain at certain times of the month. X


They knew before surgery that my bowel was compromised because the ultrasound showed "kissing ovaries" and the bowel was stuck in the middle of them.

My surgery was done in less than 1 month but also because I have private insurance where I work. I know that this wouldn't be the situation if I were waiting on NHS :-(


Hi there, I also have an endometrioma (chocolate cyst) - smaller than yours at 3cm and so doesn't really cause me pain. My first consultant used to say the medical best practice means they don't really remove cysts that are 3cm or less. But what I didn't realise until much later is that having a chocolate cyst means that it's virtually certain that you have endo elsewhere.

My first lap was 6 weeks ago and they found stage 4 endo - which us quite surprising given my lack of pain. And thanks for letting us know about your daughter, it gives me hope after 2 years of trying x


Hi sparklyT, thanks for your reply. Wow, stage 4 endo? My pain is ok until that time of the month comes round and then it is debilitating. I have read that the amount of pain you suffer doesn't necessarily indicate the severity of your endometriosis which obviously makes it difficult to spot on someone that isn't experiencing as much pain. Because of certain symptoms I have I am convinced the endo has attached itself to other organs. So sorry to hear of your trouble conceiving. Are you having IVF? I don't know if you have heard about a special diet for endo sufferers that is supposed to reduce symptoms, think it's dairy-free and gluten free, whether it would reduce your endo and possibly help you to conceive? Worth a try. If all else fails... Give up.... When you lest expect it it'll happen for you. X


Hey, yep we'll start IVF after my second lap to remove my tube. Thanks for the advice on the endo diet, I'm also taking some supplements recommended for endo

- Omega oils, linseed oil (to repress excess oestrogen), vit E & B complex as well as a really good probiotic. Difficult to know whether they're having any affect as I don't really suffer any pain with my endo - just worse than average period pain.

It's very unlikely we'll conceive naturally as both of my tubes are either damaged or kinked!


My gynae said any cyst that is causing symptoms and is above 5 cm should be removed if possible. Know your options and give thought to what you want before hand as u are less likely to be fobbed off. Perhaps phone and see if you can get seen sooner so they know you are suffering. I did that and got seen in 7 weeks as opposed to 12 . Good luck

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