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Going round in circles

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Hi I'm hoping someone here can help me I had my third lap in July 2018 with an Endometriosis specialist gyne over the last few months I've had terrible abdo pain which feels like a metal bar and bricks weighting me down (so bad I can't walk and ended up in a and e) right flank pain which is also unbearable my back pain is unbareable and my bowels are uncontrollable (sorry if that's tmi) has anyone else experienced this after surgery the a and e and doctors just seem. To put it down to my endo say its returned and send me away with Co codamol which doesn't even help the pain and they seem. To just want to pass it to my gyne for him. To deal with but he's a 100 mile round trip and I have limited apps with him my next being new years eve has anyone else had these problems and what was the outcome? X

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Hi, Co codamol wow when you attended a and e in pain !!! See your GP re pain relief and see if you have an endo nurse specailist, mine is amazing and I can ask her questions and she acts as a go between me and the endo specialist consultant. I agree you get a very limited time in clnic.

It may be useful to phone the nurses on the ward where you had surgery or try the endo specialist's sec. If it's new pain ask about a pelvic ultra sound ? I really hope your GP can help with pain relief take care xxx

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