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Really struggling to exercise and lose weight - vicious circle


Hi everyone,

Is anyone else having a problem with finding the energy to do exercise? I'm not a fit person as it is, but I need to lose some weight, I just cant muster up the energy and my legs feel like dead weights a lot of the pains and bleeding really get me down (I suffer with depression) and then I emotionally eat and then put on more weight and then beat myself up about it. I feel like im going round in a circle. does any one else feel like a big fat useless mess? :(

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Hiya, I find it really difficult to find the energy to exercise. I used to go to the gym a few times a week and swim but I've had to freeze my membership as I just don't have the energy. I have been trying to keep active by going long walks and by doing squats whilst watching tv when I've got the energy! I'm currently off work sick too so feel like I'm just a big couch potato at the moment!

I feel the same way - 0 energy! Sometimes it feels like I can barely crawl let alone exercise after working full time in a stressful job & & juggling 2 kids & all that entails. It takes all my energy to collapse!


bethm1983 in reply to JessieP

I know how crap I feel and I don't have any children it must be seriously hard work! I struggle to walk up the stairs to my office, I just feel so lazy and disgusted in myself for being overweight and having zero energy to do anything about it.

I would like to know what is a good 'starter' all round exercise, I know most people say walking is or swimming - just feels so unobtainable after a long day! Im hoping the inspiration of longer warmer days will inspire :)

I try and have a walk on my lunch break and with the dog after work but most of the time my boyfriend ends up taking him as I just want to lay down.


I can completely relate to your post! Last year I had almost 5 months off work which included two hospital stays and surgery for my endometriosis. It was really difficult and exercise was impossible & I still get a lot of days the same. I feel like you - emotionally eating, beating yourself up, feeling like crap because of putting on weight and generally feeling lazy. It's a vicious circle.

But unfortunately it is our bodies telling us we can't do it. We need to rest and shouldn't feel guilty about it. I have no advice, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. It's a daily struggle. Big hugs xx

bethm1983 in reply to Cathrd

Thank you for you reply, as much as I wish none of us were going through this, it is nice to know im not alone. xx

Cathrd in reply to bethm1983

I know what you mean. Anytime you need a chat you're always welcome to message me 😊 Xx

Hey, I'm waiting on a lap to see if it is endo but I have been told I have CFS/ME a few yrs back and can totally relate to this whether I have endo or not. Like you've got sacks of potatos attached to your limbs and your muscles are screaming. You want to excercise but your body holds you back.

I have a treadmill and do some light excercise with that sometimes but it doesn't happen as often as I like. For me, the only way I've really lost weight is by looking at my diet.

I shot up two dress sizes in a very short amount of time when a dr played around with my pills due to migraines. It took me around two years to get the weight down, and I had to do it with diet. With that being said I remain almost the same size in clothes but have lost almost 10kg so a lot seems to be muscle :( not good or visceral fat which is good.

The low carb high fat diet worked best for me over being super healthy which did almost nothing! I started it in Feb and have lost the most since then, and people can tell. I did go on this due to my insulin being really high though... so I kinda lost the weight by accident. if you chose to do it it could be as hardcore as you like really, I aim for under 100g a day. Wouldn't go lower than 50g. It seems a lot of people do it for a few weeks and then go back to normal.

I know exactly what you mean, feel rubbish, comfort eat, feel worse and on and on like that, it's so hard to break the cycle, and then add the swollen belly at different times of the month when I look 6 months pregnant, I don't feel inspired to do anything! But I know from past experiences where I have managed to kick start some exercise it does make me feel better and then stop comfort eating, just don't know how to get going this time as after trying pills and endo and adeno feeling worse these last few months my weight is getting worse. Sorry, no solution for you but totally empathise with you xx

When I read you post it was as if it were me. My consultant wants me to lose weight before my next lap so I am doing some short walks each day (I can't manage too far as it hurts so much if I try too far). I also have cut down on carbs and removed tempting food - crisps are my downfall as I emotionally eat when I am down which the pain helps to cause so I feel it is a catch 22. I also have started to take meal replacement drinks once a day for a few days a week to help. I have noticed my bloating isn't so bad now.

I know this sounds crazy but I find high intensity short intervals work great. Obviously you need to build up to this so walking or swimming to start with and then gradually adding some body weight exercises in. I have stage 4 Edno and I notice a big difference with my symptoms if I keep up my exercise routine. If I've had a bad week and miss training I get more aches and pains in my legs. I would recommend you just try to do it a wee bit at a time don't try to do too much too soon. Hope this helps

I could barely walk the length of me when I was diagnosed in March 2016. My pelvic pain was horrendous and I suffer from fatigue too. I made myself join weight watchers as I knew I needed to be healthier to control my endo symptoms. I had put on more weight being off ill from work so found myself in a viscous circle. I've now lost over 2 stone since Sept and can now walk a healthy distance without pelvic pain ( when it's my time of month though forget it, I'm too fatigued to do anything !!)

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