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Pale Skin, Dark Circles Tired and In Pain


I am 23 almost 24, and am due to visit the a gyne clinic at Londons Harley Street this Friday to have a scan, that is apparently the only one in the country that can see Endo without having to carry out surgery.

I have suffered with a Dull but uncomfortable back pain since I was 16 (became sexually active) this pain can spread round to my pelvic area and lower abdomen and is so unbearable pain killers just dont work. I also bleed after sex, I have only had 4 sexual partners all of which where long term and stable relationships, my current relationship started in August 2014, and we are in the Honeymoon period as you can imagine. However since having sex with him, it would seem its where my problems have started to get worse, he is very big down there! (lucky me you would say) but its causing nothing but bleeding and pain after sex, so painful I have to roll about to try and get comfy just to stop the pain...not only is this embarrassing its holding back the passion of a new relationship, I am lucky hes been a friend for years and is the sweetest guy I know and been nothing but supportive, but we get into the heat of the moment and BAM I have to stop because its like his penis is made of broken glass or I practically have a mini period! It was quite an embarrassing issue to explain to my GP, but he seemed quite concerned. I have been pale and had dark circles under my eyes since the pain started 8 years ago, but its got worse over the last few months. The pain is so bad I struggle to get out of bed I just want to be comfy all the time and sleep! i could literally sleep all day and still have dark circles.

Does anyone else suffer from any of these other symptoms? I am so scared and I just don't know who to talk to.


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Honestly, I think the best option would be to get rid of it once and for all by excision lap.

I myself am not in pain, but it pains me just reading you post.

I also have the dark circles around the eyes that I think are due to a mild anemia, and drinking coffee that binds to iron and calcium. But then when I take iron supplements I'm in pain, so i just have to put up with looking tired and unhealthy...x

Thank you for your reply. I am just so worried it's something more sinister, I literally get home from work eat food and sleep I can't don't much else I feel exhausted from the pain during the day. I actually have a hot water bottle I now take to work and either have pressed to my back or tummy! People must think I'm a right weirdo but it's the onlyl thing that mildly comforts the pain. I am having the Mirina coil fitted on Friday also I just hope this helps! I wish more people understood what endometriosis was and understand how tiring it is living with a constant pain! I agree mild anemia could be a possibility I wouldn't say my diets bad nor fantastic more fruit and veg I think would be a benefit! It is so wired my mum and my boyfriend instantly know when the pains bad by how dark I am under my eyes no matter how much concealer I wear!! Xx

Hi Chelsea sorry to hear of all your problems but it's great you have a supportive partner, I have similar symptoms minus the dark circles although I am constantly being told how tired and awful I look, am always tired even if I've been in bed all day and I also take hot wheat bags to work and yes I also feel like a weirdo at times. It really does sound like you have endometriosis, are you paying for this scan at Harley street? I would be sceptical as to how much it is going to show, surely if this exists the NHS would be using them, would be much cheaper than giving every suspected case a laparoscopy?? Have you been to your GP, I would suggest asking for a referral to a gynaecologist, hate to say it but really sounds like you need some surgery, I am also 23!

May I ask what your job is? Sounds like you may need some time off?

Brownlow in reply to durdledoor

Hi Chelseaannex,

I agree with Durdledoor. Endometriosis cannot be definitively diagnosed by ultrasound. Cysts on ovaries, plaques or dense adhesions might be seen which is useful. The only way to confidently diagnose is by laparoscopy and even then, sometimes only by biopsy of any tissue removed.

Could you tell us more about this scanning machine and the evidence and statistics this clinic has provided to you? Studies, scientific papers, proof? If you are paying out of your own pocket for this you need this information!

I'd be really interested to know what clinic you are going to. Would you kindly PM the name to me? There are several of these clinics on Harley Street.

Hi chelsea your doctor could refer you for a urgent scan on the nhs and then you could get a urgent referral through nhs again to see a private gynaecologist . I am concerned for u as the only way to really see what is going on is a lap . I hope you begin to feel better soon x

Thank you for all your feedback, I am currently under private healthcare I visited my GP who referred me to Blackheath BMI Hospital now under Dr Michael Sabbath (Gynecologist), I visited him on the 10th of Feb, he had carried out a Smear test, I have not yet had results but he said from looking at it,it looked clear?, he then done an internal examination and as soon as he touched me I winced in pain he was pretty convinced it was Endo, so he has referred me to a DR Jackie Ross at the

Gynaecology Ultrasound Centre Harley Street. I don't know to much about the Scanning Machine being used, I just know that she will do the scan and fit me with the Coil.

I work as an estimator/architect for a construction company, and they have been pretty good at letting me work from home, but the pains been so intense the last two weeks, I went to A&E last monday because it was unbearable! they found I also had a urine infection so have been on antibiotics and pain killers the last week but I am still getting a pain and pulling sensation. My mother had an overy and felopian tube removed when she was 17 and told her she had a spider Webb of cysts, ive heard endo is hereditary but as she was never diagnosed with it back in the 80s but it sounds similar also my Aunty (mums sister) has been diagnosed with endometriosis.

I will keep you all posted on what the outcome of friday is!

Thanks for your support honestly feels good to talk about it, it's not so easy face to face with someone when it's an intimate area and not many people understand this pain.


I've had a look at the scanning equipment and it is just an ultrasound device albeit possibly one of the better models. It absolutely can't definitively diagnose endo but depending on what is going on in your pelvis there's a fair chance it will pick up something. Even so the conclusion would likely be "endometriosis is suspected" if something is seen. The conclusion is reached by circumstantial evidence. An ultrasound will not be able to tell the full extent of endo because as I mentioned it only picks up on more dense masses and cysts.

The consultant you are seeing is hopefully a good gynaecologist. I see that she specialises in early pregnancy issues and one of these issues would be endo. However, where you go next with this is the question. While there are some good gynaes out there who understand endo and are proficient at treating it by surgery, this is not always the case.

My own personal opinion is that surgery is the way to go when endo is diagnosed especially if symptoms are bad but some people prefer progesterone treatment like the Mirena. The Mirena does not treat or cure endo. It's really only a sticking plaster that masks the real problem and symptoms generally return if it is removed. The idea is to "manage" your symtoms. Many women have all sorts of issues with the Mirena so bear that in mind. You can always have it removed if it doesn't suit you. Minipills are also an option but the Mirena has a much lower dose of progesterone which is better in the long run if it works.

If the ultrasound does give pretty strong evidence of endo you might be better off with an endo specialist. Use your own judgement when assessing this gynaecologist you are going to and ask her about her experience of treating endo. She might refer you on to an endo specialist anyway. As you are in the London area there are plenty of them. Here's the list Neither of the gynaes you mention are on this list.

Good luck on Friday. x

The bleeding after sex symptom could be from a cervical erosion. You could ask your gynae about that as he would have seen when he did the smear test. Or the doctor who is putting in the mirena would also be able to see.

I am exactly the same, my doctor is quite rubbish and no help at all I'm just stuck living with it since being diagnosed with endo they think giving me hormones is enough but sadly not helping at all some days I feel like I don't want to wake again the pains that bad and no where to turn I hope your doctor is better than mine x

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