Painful bowel movements when not on period?

Hello everyone, I'm currently still trying to be refered to an endo centre and am going to try another doctor next week, so fingers crossed! One of my main symptoms was incredibly painful bowel movements when ovulating and on my period. It feels like someone was stabbing me and dragging it down as I went. But for the past few days I've been having this horrific pain when not on my period. I'm currently taking the yasmin pill (but with the breaks). Is this common? I've been in tears with this pain!! Would love some help. Thank you!

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  • Hi there.

    Sorry to hear about your pain! You are not alone. I've always had a lot of pain with bowel movements when I have my period, and about a year ago the pain with bowel movements continued without my period along with a whole range of other nasty pain. It sounds like you're taking the right steps going to an endometriosis centre. I had a laparoscopy a couple of weeks ago where a lot of endometriosis was removed with a lot between my uterus and bowel! So having endometriosis is a possibility for you. Irritable bowel syndrome also has similar symptoms. I hope you get some answers soon! Meanwhile hot water bottles to your abdomen and mefenamic acid and/or paracetamol may help!

    Feel better soon x

  • Hi.

    Your not alone. I get terrible pain at time of month with bowel movements. I know from my lap that they were unable to remove all my endo from my bowel.

    I saw my consultant last week Who suggested movical. If can be brought over counter, and helps to soften things.

    You have to play around with doseage, but I found 1 sachet every morning really helps. Still some pain but no where best as bad.

    Hope this helps x

  • Hi

    I have always suffered with loose bowels and hurrendous cramps to go withi it, its normally every 2 weeks in the middle of cycle and the time of the cycle, now ive had all my surgerys and hysterectomy 2 years ago im starting with bowel pain again every 2 weeks as i still have my ovarys i still get cycle pain but no period and endo is growing back on my bowel which is what causes the cramps and diarrhea. I only used to get 1 week pain free per month. I feel for you its alwful xx

  • Endo pain can be cyclical but more than often it can present every day, especially when the endo is in a place that is constantly going through muscle spasms such as the bowel. I get pain literally everyday at least 3 times a day because that's how often I have to empty my bowels, and it intensifies when ovulating/menstruating. It's excruciating and doesn't get any easier as the years go on but you learn to cope with it. Also it's great that you have been referred to an endo specialist, they will provide the best treatment option for you and if they decide to do a laparoscopy exision you may have relief from all this horrible pain. I hope it goes well xx

  • Hi ya your bowel is probably stuck down thou should see an endo specialist asap if you can't poo go a and e immediately don't worry but do check it out

    Good luck xx

  • I have worried about my bowel being stuck! As I get pain in the base of my back too. Just need to get that referal!

  • Thank you for all of your replies ladies! I will try the Movical Fiona, thank you.

    It's just so painful. My doctor has just given me pain killers and said she'll see me in 3 weeks (iI have pain in the left side of my stomach and hip and lower back pain and also incredibly sharp cramping in my bowel) I've told her it's affecting my work but she told me treatment would be the same if it was endo (i.e pain killers) which I know to be bot true!

    I just don't want to keep waiting around as it's getting worse each month even with pain killers and the yasmin pill. I'm going to see if another doctor can refer me to an endo centre in Plymouth since my one at the moment just keeps on telling me to wait a few more months. Urgh! Thank you so much for your replies and sorry for the rant! X

  • Good luck I hope you get seen soon.your symptoms are exactly the same as mine. ( mine has improved since surgery) I was off work so much...

    For lower Back pain... I always have a stock of heat packs at the ready. They just wrap around and I found they really help.

    Bowels- I also have All- bran every morning, and if really bad 1 cup of prune juice. It tastes awful but if effective.

    Good luck

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