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New symptoms? Painful urination/bowel movements/severe nausea

I was in tears last night. I've had a BAD week - my period came, which is awful enough on it's own.

But I also found I couldn't urinate without feeling intense pain, almost like something inside was ripping.

Bowel movements were worse - it was the same intense pain. But worse. So I ended up not going for 6 days.

And now, my period ended yesterday and all of a sudden I had a severe shooting pain from my vagina to my belly button, on the right side. And I felt so sick, I couldn't sleep because it was so bad and now I can't eat.

Is all of this endo related?

At what point do you stop having new symptoms? I can't cope with getting used to everything.

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Hi, yes it probably is endo related,

Are you under a bsge specialist centre???



Yes I am. My next appointment is in December.

She asked me to go on the pill for 6 months to see ithat helps. But I've been on it for over 2 years, I've tried 2 brands and tried back to back but I find the side effects difficult to live with!


I think it sounds like you need a laparoscopy to check out what's going on,



Yes me too! I had a lap last year with a different consultant. She used diathermy and got rid of a small amount of endo. But my pain has been getting consistently worse since then so I can only assume she missed something.

My bsge specialist says she is avoiding surgery for as long as possible because she worries the scar tissue will be detrimental to my fertility. I'm only 24 and newly married so I'd like to keep my fertility as intact as possible.


Get a lapasopy done. See and gynaecologist. Get a scan too. Ask to get put on the pill. Also see a gastrointestinal consultant and start a fodmaps diet. As for pain relief ibrofen and 5% ibrofen gel for your Lower back and a hot water bottle. Also keep moving stretches exercise. Deep breathing


Hi thanks for that.

I had a lap last year- I have stage one ended.I'm with a new consultant now and just had a scan last month.

She doesn't want to do a second lap too soon as she's worried the scar tissue will damage my chances of conceiving naturally.

As for the pill, I had been on it for 2 and a half years - a few different brands. I hated it. It caused deep depression as well as other unpleasant symptoms. I've stopped it now as I'd much rather keep my sanity!


I struggle a lot with many of these symptoms and a few others too. It is really difficult to live with but there's a few things I've been trying that seem to be helping me. I'm currently not able to sleep because I feel really sick and I don't know why. I'm pretty sure it's all down to endo. I eliminated wheat, gluten and dairy at the beginning of the year and find my symptoms are less often (touch wood) I also started a supplement called Endovan which you can get online. I've been taking it just over 2 months and each month since taking it my period pains and some symptoms have improved, especially the pain on my period. I like you felt like I couldn't cope anymore so began researching natural treatments as the hormone treatments made me feel worse so I started trying a few different things some of which I have mentioned above. Of course everyone is different but there are a few things that seem to make endo symptoms worse in a lot of women, especially the wheat and gluten. I hope this helps you a bit and know your not alone with these awful symptoms!


Yes thank you! Sometimes it's O frustrating speaking to "normal" people who think I just blame every little thing on endo. When really endo is just the worst!

I'll look into the supplements. I've recently stopped the pill as after over 2 years, I couldn't stand the side effects anymore. And I've refused any other hormone treatments.

I don't see my consultant again until December so I have a bit of time to try out some new things


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