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Menopause and HRT Help

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Hi guys,

I’m new here and hoping to find any information or advice and if anyone has been through the same.

I have endometriosis and was managing it by taking the pill. After the injections in 2008 I fully intend to go back on the pill. I did try HRT as add back but my body rejected it and it was scary so I thought I’d rather just put up with it than try another HRT.

But for reasons I don’t understand, since the injections, over the years and after trying the coil, depo etc my body rejects everything that has synthetic hormones in it.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I’ve looked and looked and can’t find anyone. I’m asking because I’m now pretty scared of HRT and possibly not being able to take anything to alleviate my symptoms, soaking wet bedsheets, flushes, trouble urinating, constant memory lapses to the point where I lose days.

I haven’t had a period for 19 months and in 2015 and 2016, I only had about 6 periods, I had my last period April 2017. I’m housebound now, on a lot of medication, especially the Lyrica that keeps me doped up which the drs prefer but leaves me unable to live, I feel like I’m just existing right now. My last two bloods showed an issue with my FSH levels, I did two FSH home tests that were both positive so if I’m starting menopause it would make a lot of sense regarding my behaviour, physically and mentally. Huge sense! I’m 37.

I’m just desperate for help as I have no gynae etc, my gp is frustrated with me because of the pain and they’re so reluctant to prescribe anything anymore because of the “opioid epidemic”.

I really hope and would be so grateful if someone can relate or has advice?

All the best guys x

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Hello Lostintransit,

I’ve always had issues with synthetic progesterone - Endo treatment’s like Provera and Depo-Provera were a nightmare and when I was prescribed a chemical menopause with “add-back” HRT I had similar issues with the NHS bog-standard HRT as it also contains synthetic progesterone.

I was eventually prescribed a combination of bioidentical Estradiol Gel (Oestrogen) and Utrogestan tablets (Progesterone) - also available from the NHS but are pricier so harder to secure a prescription for - which were both far more effective at suppressing my menopausal symptoms and caused me to suffer far fewer side effects.

Is it possible to maybe explore options like this with your GP/Specialist? There is an NHS Specialist in London (Nick Panay) whose website might also be of interest.

Best of luck, x X x

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