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First Laparoscopy

Hello everyone,

After suffering for many years with constant pain, I finally had a laparoscopy yesterday which confirmed I had endometriosis. After being led to believe that it was all in my head, it's nice to have a clear diagnosis.

My Dr also inserted the mirena coil as well to try and reduce the symptoms.

It's been just over 24 hours since I got discharged and I feel my bloating has gotten worse. Is this normal in the first couple of days? I have tried peppermint capsules and buscopan for the swelling but it's not working at the moment.

This was my first ever surgery so I maybe overreacting but don't know what's normal or not at this stage. I seem to be passing urine ok as well.

Any advice would be brilliant.

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I also had my first laparoscopy last Monday...for at least 5 days my stomach swelled and looked extremely bloated.

I'm now in my second week of recovery and the swelling has almost gone.

Try not to worry this is all normal...especially immediately after.

Hopefully you will start to feel better in a few days

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Thank you, it's just so scary when you don't know what to expect. I'm feeling very tender in places but able to walk about a little bit and able to have a wee fine. You've put my mind at ease a bit now. Thanks again. X

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No worries :)

Surgery is scary even if keyhole!

Good luck with your recovery, hopefully you'll feel loads better in time for Xmas xx


The bloating could last a week and it wouldn’t be unusual, I don’t think? You’ve just had abdominal surgery, so things will feel uncomfortable for a while. Don’t worry, it should be obvious if something is wrong.


Hello. I have just had key hole surgery Sunday evening. Confirmed endo also. I am bloated and in pain still. I am just taking paracetamol which they said is the best thing to take and to not take anti inflammatory tablets.

I am waiting for my next apt in 6-8 week to see how bad my endo is . All I know is that it is on my right side and my appendix is stuck to my bowel. (They wanted to remove my appendix but couldn’t) x


You will be bloated because they fill you with gas also in the surgery !!


How are you feeling now? I think the mirena is the worst possible thing they can give to those of us with endo issues - please listen to your body. If you feel worse pain wise and / or emotionally get it taken out. They say to you you need to allow time to adjust but I have never met a woman that did. I tried for 8 months and it was hell. It's such an alien thing to have the coil inside our bodies anyway - out of all of the methods that one is the worst. Keep listening to your body.


Im still in a lot of pain. I don't think the mirena is agreeing with me at all. The pain seems the same as before my lap and I am not getting any relief again. I think I will be asking for it out and for an alternative option. I haven't stopped bleeding in 2 weeks.


That's what I had too :( I honestly can't believe they give it as an option. I tried many of the combined pill but they didn't change flow / pain or anything really and then i got a migraine with aura so they took me off it and im never allowed to use it again. Then I tried a few of the progesterone only pills and I bled all day on them - not loads but enough to be bothered by - and then I went natural for a few years and it really settled down. I then needed contraception so tentatively tried Noriday, another progesterone pill that i hadn't tried before and miraculously it worked - or has done - for 5 years. You could give that a try? It's shit that we have to pump ourselves with pills and hormones bc they haven't given us any other treatment. I would recommend maybe trying nothing whilst you're healing from the lap and take it from there. Definitely get the mirena out x


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